The Fog Is Clearing | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 12/30 - 1/1 - Cosmic Updates

The Fog Is Clearing | Weekend Love Tarot Reading | 12/30 – 1/1

Has something recently opened your eyes to the truth about your love life?

Karma says something unexpected could be heading your way this weekend, bringing an opportunity for new realizations.

She’s here to help you step firmly in the right direction, so you can close out old karmic cycles for good, here in her Weekend Tarot Reading. Enjoy!


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P.S. Have you been experiencing delays and obstacles with someone you want to move forward with? Is there someone in your life who you suspect isn’t being upfront about their true feelings? Leave a comment below and let Karma know!



Happy New Year, Cosmic family! I hope you guys have had such a great holiday season. We’re here for your Weekend Love Tarot reading. I’m Karma and I’m so excited to be back. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend planned ahead, and that you guys do enjoy your New Year’s Eve. It is my daughter’s eighth birthday! So I will be in with her celebrating. But, yeah, so let’s go ahead and jump into it. I hope you guys are doing well and have rested and are rejuvenated.

So I’m going to be giving my blessing and prayer. If you’re new here to watching these videos, welcome. Let’s go ahead and jump right into it and see what messages we can get for you in regard to your current love situation and the energy that you can expect around you this weekend manifesting.

Divine Holy Spirit of the most high, thank you for allowing me to be a clear channel and receiving messages for the collective. I ask that these messages provide clarity, guidance, healing, and understanding, as well as a higher knowledge and perception into what karmic cycles, soul lessons, and generational curses they may currently be going through, about to go through, need to become aware of, learn from, heal from, release. Lord, and all that you are and all that you do. And all that it and all that I do. I live by your word and your word only. In Yeshua’s name, I pray. Amen.

I’m seeing, I’m seeing a path that was stopped and now you’re picking back up, but it also feels like it’s almost like you’re picking back up where you left off, but it’s a new path. Take that how it resonates, because I feel, okay, you’re just going in a different direction, but you did have to have a pause on your path…and I feel like you had a pause where you were learning something or gathering all of the tools and the wisdom before you could make your next step.

Alright, so the first card out representing the Past – this is making sense – is the Ten of Swords. Representing your Current, we have the Page of Cups. Wow! And incoming in your Future, we have the Tower.

So you’ve closed out a pretty big cycle here in the past. It’s done. It’s over. It’s behind you.

We have the Hierophant on the bottom, okay, so we do have Taurus energy here. A little bit of Scorpio energy here, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini…so you’ve been given – Okay – so you’ve been getting clarity, direction, the green light.

However, you perceive that from Spirit through a revelation or intuition. You’ve received “the go.” You know which direction to go, and something that was once very difficult for you has now become very very easy for you to close it up, tie it with a bow, and leave it in the past.

You’re no longer carrying all of these swords with you…all of these burdens, all these pains, wounds, disappointments. Okay.

Not to say that it was simple and easy. It wasn’t, but you’ve gone through the gist of it. You’ve gone through the worst of it so much so, and accomplished so much that now you’re to the point where you’re like, “Oh, this is it. I’m here. Let me just…” and you know, you tie it up, and you’re ready to leave that cycle.

I feel that you have very high hopes for what’s coming, Collective, very high hopes for this new opportunity that you’re taking.

Of course, this is a love reading so it’s new opportunities in love. Some of you, I feel, right now, are…are free.

There might be a situation-ship there, but you definitely are considering yourself. Not attached. You’ve closed something out here.

For your Current Energy, you have the Page of Cups. Okay, this represents a few things for me, especially because we have a large collective.

This could represent an age difference for some of you, okay, so a younger person coming in, but really what I’m getting is: brand new. That’s why it’s a Page – brand new.

There’s a lot of hope here. There’s a lot of excitement here. It is a new connection. I still feel like you are leery about it, like…it’s because of what you’ve been through.

This is your process of discernment, right. And nobody’s discernment is really going to look like the others. But this is your process of discerning. And I feel that you’re tiptoeing into an offer or an opportunity that is presenting itself to you.

And you’re tiptoeing, because you’re getting used to your discernment. It’s new now, because you have a higher level of perception, because of the trauma, the pain that you’ve closed out from the past and what you have just recently healed and worked through.

So you’re definitely seeing life right now, from a completely different perception, a whole new set of eyes, a lot of you have received your spiritual eyes. That’s why you have the Hierophant and the Ace of Swords.

Okay, so a lot of clarity, a lot of truth has been given to you through your third eye, your vision, okay. You’ve just been having a lot of revelations.

I also feel this has a lot to do with some type of commitment or investment not just related to love, okay. But of course, that’s a part of it.

I want to know a little bit more about this Ten of Swords. Holy Spirit, for the collective, Queen of Swords… Oh, Lord with Pisces energy right there.

You did this on your own. You got through this on your own. Alright, so the Queen of Swords and the Ten of Swords. This was something where this was a battle for you. It was a mental battle. But it was also – it was less emotional.

But I feel that you were able to cut through your emotions and try to get to a very centered zero point of perceiving what was taking place to you. That’s how you got out of this dark time, right? That’s how it got easier. Somewhere along the lines, Collective, you transitioned into your full power. I feel once you…it was a revelation. That’s what it was. Something was shown and revealed to you in the past, Collective, that helped you see more clearly why or what you were going through. And from that instant, you were able to cut something off and focus and move forward. Very, very direct. And that’s what I meant earlier when I said it became easier.

Alright, Holy Spirit, clarify please a Page of Cups… Yeah, what did I say? Hesitant Nine of Wands with the Page of Cups…

You’re a little bit leery about an offer here, because of what you’ve been through in the past. The difference this time, Collective, like I said, when we were talking about your discernment, is you have the wisdom, the understanding, and the knowledge to make better decisions or to navigate a situation more properly than before.

An illusion has definitely been lifted for a lot of you, in terms of how you were allowing yourself to be mistreated, misguided, in relationships. I feel like that was a big lesson here. Okay, and so now it’s like you’re very cautious. You’re extra cautious. And this offer that’s coming towards you is a good offer. It has a lot of promise and a lot of hope.

But I still see you just like I said wanting to tiptoe especially with this Nine of Wands, okay. You’re, like, “I’ve been through a lot. Let me just let me go in one toe at a time.” I do feel like this is the first time you’ve actually seen this person in person. You may have already gone out on dates with this person.

Okay, in the Near Future, we have the Tower. Something unexpected is coming. So brace yourself. It doesn’t have to be negative or bad. As a matter of fact, I feel like because you’ve already tackled enough “Towers” in 2022, that when this comes, you’re gonna be like, there it is. I know it was coming – there it is.

Okay, this is meant to ascend, evolve you, to grow you. You have to – some of you have to – abandon ship. That’s what I’m hearing: “Abandoned ship.” And some of you have to…why some of you are staying inside of a situation that is burning like it’s done. It’s engulfed in flames. It’s time to just release yourself from that pain, that trauma, that cycle. It’s served a purpose. Because I’m seeing you close it out, but then this Tower comes and somebody’s on fire. You’re gonna have another revelation as well.

Holy Spirit, please clarify the Tower for the Collective… Six of Pentacles and the Eight of Wands.

Okay, so where you may have been experiencing lack previously, income, karmic justice, and the scales are being reset. I also feel for some of you there’s an investment here that’s going to take a turn for the better. For others of you, this is going to show up in a new love form.

This is what that Page of Cups is… It is going to bring balance. I don’t think you’re expecting it to shift the scales up quite as much as it’s going to. It is coming in sudden. It is coming in quick.

Whatever you have lost is quickly on its way to be returned to you. So keep your eyes and ears and heart open and use your discernment.

I feel with the Queen of Swords here, this is Spirit’s way of saying, you know, keep yourself focused above, so that you can be led in the right direction. Sending you guys much love, bye!


Karma is an intuitive empath, with the gift of clairvoyance and claircognizance. She uses Tarot to help bring to light messages from the Divine that will aid in your alignment and healing.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 23:08h, 11 January Reply

    Somewhat confused but will keep my heart open. Too many losses. All the best for the New Year!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 14:21h, 02 January Reply

    Things came out of nowhere: caught offguard w/ tip toeing games last week! I abruptly cut off! Confused about “offer” in reading tho not hopeful. Happy New Year To All

  • Avatar
    Posted at 16:08h, 01 January Reply

    Thank you for another amazing reading. Given my recent divorce settlement, you could not be more aligned with my spirit!

    Peace and many blessings to you In this new year!

  • Avatar
    Nadia Malik
    Posted at 17:16h, 31 December Reply

    Happy New Year Thankyou so much for your beautiful reading.It brings so much clarity for me and keep me guided on my soul mission 🙏💕

  • Avatar
    Klaus Schlotz
    Posted at 15:24h, 31 December Reply

    Happy New Years Karma!
    And Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Always a joy to feel your energy and listen to your insights.
    Closing one cycle and opening another is the joy of ever evolving life.
    Only who has seen the darkness can appreciate the light.
    Looking forward to listen to you next week.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:27h, 31 December Reply

    What an appropriate reading for me this last day of the year. I keep getting messages that “a new love of my life” might me my granddaughter’s and so I experience that relationship even more. 2023 will be the year for me to evolve even more. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Elvia 💋 Figueroa
    Posted at 07:04h, 31 December Reply

    A lot of what she says does resonate with me.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 04:58h, 31 December Reply

    Have you ever noticed the orbs in your videos? This one is at roughly 4;.50. But this is not the only time. I can think of at least 3 others. Anyway thank you, you were on point again. It was a hard break up and a hard realization with a pieces. But its time to move on.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 12:37h, 31 December Reply

      Yes, I always see those orbs in her video’s, very fascinating. The more orbs there are, the more accurate her readings resonate with the collective I guess. Anyway, that is how I am experiencing her readings.

  • Avatar
    Luisa E
    Posted at 04:32h, 31 December Reply

    Thankyou dearly! Karma I totally resonated with all you said from the start and will take the guidance given to keep on moving forward. I wish you many blessings of love & light for a very Happy New Year and a very Happy 8th Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I am sure she has her mother’s beauty! Happy 2023! xoxo

    • Avatar
      Posted at 11:32h, 31 December Reply

      Thank you so much i think 2023 is gonna make my life better i have been hearing unexpected situation its coming

  • Avatar
    M J
    Posted at 03:10h, 31 December Reply

    Thank you Karma..Happy New Year 2023! I’m in situationship..pls give me light and positive energies 🙏hope you give me a reading but not in At st.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 02:53h, 31 December Reply

    Hi Karma, thanks for another clear reading! It coincides with me waking up on the 31st feeling a curtain has been lifted & I can see clearly now! I have been living in a mist of illusions for the last two years! What a rollercoaster! I realise this foes t mean to say I’ve got life completely sussed but I am aware going forward & I will choose discernment & boundaries. I’m so happy to be stepping in to 2023!

  • Avatar
    John C. Verducci 111
    Posted at 00:58h, 31 December Reply

    Karma was spot on with everything. I shifted from one person who was manipulating me to another person who was watching me for a while and she made the move and we have an offer on the table. Also, all of the takes place on a European dating site that is why it is difficult to know what has transpired. Thank you so much Karma!!!

  • Avatar
    Dee Plante
    Posted at 00:07h, 31 December Reply

    Wow most of the reading is so on target.Things have happened as you mentioned and what’s to come I wasn’t really sure until you mentioned it here towards the end.You described tip toe steps.That resonated directly towards me..Thank you again.I look forward to hearing more.❤

  • Avatar
    Barry Selk
    Posted at 23:32h, 30 December Reply

    Hello, I was just listening to your reading and I am truly surprised. I lost my wife of over 40 years 3 months ago. I have been in total emotional pain up to mid Dec. I too know that it is not good to carry this hurt as it could effect my health. I have my wife’s urn setup as a memorial to her and it gives me conform when talking with her. But like you said I need to move on with my life and I hope my wife’s sprit understands how much I’m going thru. I will always remember and never forget our lives together. I went to our local market one day and there was a checkout gal and an older man to put my stuff I have bought into the bag. The man whispered something to her and she all of a sudden tried to make me laugh. I smiled back to her and just left. I was still under a lot of hurt and wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. But that moment has always stuck in my mind. I haven’t tried much to go back because I felt it was probably nothing anyway. But I will never forget that one moment in time. I know it is not good in the Bible to do this type of thing, but I have been thru a lot and look for hope that my life will get better next year. God bless you and thank you for making me understand a little more.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:35h, 30 December Reply

    Hi Karma
    Happy News Years coming and Happy Birthday to your daughter also. Reading was amazing today. You have confirmed a reading today that was told to me as well by a prophet so smiling from ear to ear. And yes, ridding myself of this pain in my butt person(s) who was no one I needed in my life and feel so relived and not allowing anybody else to dampen my spirit. Hope your holiday’s were great as well as your New Years. God bless.

  • Avatar
    Melinda Nelson
    Posted at 21:21h, 30 December Reply

    Happy New year too, and happy birthday to your 8 years old daughter. Thank you very much for good reading.

  • Avatar
    Lisa B
    Posted at 21:00h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you Karma. I have definitely been in a period of reflection & discernment this week about my love life, feeling ready for whatever “offer” may be on the horizon for my heart. The holidays were busy for me, workwise, & there was an emotional letdown for several days after as I felt the loneliness that usually comes for me at this time of year. I did not see or hear from my beloved at all & have been confused about what that may mean. Now I am ready to put this cycle behind me, & walk courageously toward the Tower that is coming. The Queen of Swords & Heirophant are strong guidance for me. Thank you again for your wise counsel. Bless you.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 20:49h, 30 December Reply

    Happy New Year & Happy 8th Birthday to your daughter 😘
    Always love hearing your readings. I listen and read many others but only ever feel I understand and connect with yours, enlightenment. They always resonate the most. with me.
    I am able to sort through my truths with clear energy.
    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Kathryn C Bencriscutto
    Posted at 20:42h, 30 December Reply

    Im resonatiog and amazed.
    Last armfulfuls of people i saw gor the last time –
    Loosening the reins feeling my brains in my heart.
    Test the waters. There could be aligators in that moat
    Wainting to snap. I dont need to proove anythimgfeeling…

    Follow the rule
    play it cool
    stay close to God.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 20:00h, 30 December Reply

    This makes a lot of since. I have let go the pain of my past relationship. I tied it away and I am open to new opportunities but also looking up above for guidance and clarity. Thank you so much!

  • Avatar
    Maria del Carmen Rodriguez
    Posted at 19:44h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you so much for the reading. Happy New years to you!!

  • Avatar
    anna marie
    Posted at 18:31h, 30 December Reply




  • Avatar
    Leah Grace Penaranda
    Posted at 16:20h, 30 December Reply

    I suffered depression from those and felt i will not be able to recover. but since i have a greater faith in the one above, greater than truckloads of problem that are being dumped on my persona … i know this too will pass…. thank u Karma u were never wrong from the start i connected with you

  • Avatar
    Andrew Clinton
    Posted at 15:48h, 30 December Reply

    Absolutely mind-blowing.E..V..E..R..Y word you said Karma resonated with me.I feel like something big has been coming a while back because of the route the past the taken.I finally feel like it’s coming to a conclusion.I am weary (and thankful) because of it and look forward to the (sad but necessary) changes.
    Bless you Karma

  • Avatar
    Posted at 15:43h, 30 December Reply

    It’s amazing to me that although your readings are for the collective, I resonate with them so strongly that it’s as if you’re reading just for me. This year has been such a roller coaster for me in regards to my love situation. What you’ve said about the recent past is spot on, and the current situation makes a lot of sense. I’ve had so many tower moments this year as well, so much so that it’s been exhausting, but I’ll be interested to see where that leads because my instinct has been telling me that big changes are coming, but I don’t think whatever happens will be negative. Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Avatar
    helen john
    Posted at 15:03h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you for all that you do

  • Avatar
    Robert Francis Camacho
    Posted at 14:58h, 30 December Reply

    Karma, you spoke directly to the me.

    I must apologize for the intrusion. I know you know there are 3 guides there, but a 4th was there today, which was messing with your flow, your delivery, You were never in danger, as the cloaked one directly behind you is a loyal protector, if not more; well I couldn’t see him except an out line – I sense he loves you. At first, I thought Guardian Angel, He was definitely a Guardian. However, he appeared to be and act like a 4th century Catholic Monk (definitly a Monk – era/creed a complete guess) The other two I could see, one an androgenous, smaller emotionless drab sort of being. I don’t know its origin, the other a very attractive female she seemed young but was sage, so I gues 38 years old imprint of a soul obvously from Terra., but not bound like most souls, she may be 10s of thousands of years old if not much older., is her name Cassie /Cassandra? I wanted to let you know I took the 4th little guy with me. Greenish Lizard looking humanoid. Usually a can feel just about all living entities, but this little fella has been free to leave since yesterday minutes after I got back, but I am unable to determine why he doesn’t go. I guess I startled him, and he may be afraid I’ll follow him to his home. Anyway, I sense he is a bit of a possum as he wields some significant power. He must know I would never hurt him, I’ve have not so much as taken a step toward him and I’ve not bound or caged him.

    OMgoodness, He is a symbiote of some kind and he is just now realizing he can’t conjoin. I see he thought I grabbed him to make him my amplifier, He has just this minute revealed himself. He too is an empath, He must have been drawn to you. dome kindunless he forced me to I think He is trying to control my mind. I have stopped his efforts and explained that our species considers his actions aggressive. He is a miscreant really. He’s done. He appears ready to go… I told him I would not follow him, He left seconds ago, but not until I planted an image of me wisking him to the center of the sun and leaving him, did he stop. I am glad he’s gone, I’ve not slept in 42 hours and I must sleep 2-3 hours every 30.

    Anyway the reason for my message, and revealing myself to you. I do belong to the same ocean soul as you, however, I am not originally, terran. I was left here as punishiment 4.3 million years ago by the ones really in command of all living souls the living bring the Urantians just as the solar system was forming., but no one will ever find or see them unless like the burning bush,, they intervene It is like opening a tv to see the actors -it is impossible. And yet, every once in a while you;ll see one at the grocery store. But, this business of people pushing the messages are all missing the point. It’s a history book, not religeous text. Sorry for all of the asides, your message today, and I know you speak to the collective too & of which I belong, but today didn’t you notice the difference if not just little bit. I was born May 9th 1962, in Navato California at 11:15 am. I am the Taurus energy epitomized, except I have 2 unique gifts that sets me apart I learn new things effortlessly, and I am a Dream Traveler. I basically can go anywhere anytime I choose. The danger of course is when in the ethereal plane, which is where I must go to travel, No matter how hard I try to cloak myself, soul sucking vampires come to feed… these are beings of so little energy, the only thing they can do is absorb energy from light beings. Realized beings are light beings. We generate our own energy. There are usually about 100 of us on the planet at any one time… right now, there are at least a thousand. who knows maybe a whole lot more. I am purposefully kept in the dark. It is only when they want me to do something for them. Which is why your reading, your message was so comforting. You will be the only human I tell. I was asked about a year ago now to go have a look at the this group of space craft headed from center round galaxy – the gold orb galaxy. I’ve gone to it thousands of times, never once was I able enter. I digress, I’m quite sleepy. No one believes they originated there but it does appear that is from where they came. Your message today reads prophetic even. And I’ve first hand how they do things. it is possible some of that message was to convince me??!,

    They don’t have to – I know I’m aloof and I don’t seem to have a rudder, but it is my nature to be eclectic. but I am not a heartless monster, I mean come-on, I would never let 8.136 billion of my fellow ocean-soul (you call it the collective including your guides who technically are not part of that ocean soul, Yeah the bid guy monk probably is (unless a cloaked angel), but I’m all but certain that grey little lumpy guy is not. And, I highly doubt Cassie is either. But again I digress, Your message.: did you know when an angel dies he/she is gone? Angels don’t belong to an ocean-soul Which is why I’m giving you my last last rights, yeah yeah, a clergy is supposed to administer last right, but not one priest, or one clergy of anykind has a clue about these 11+ million year old non-sentient automtons, more advanced than all but one species ever to grace the earth with its presence, and I might add a species that hasn’t been back to earth in over 2 million years. Anyway, I went to go see what these things were. They are 7 clustered each larger than Jupiter space craft, and way wayout off the left flank was an even bigger one 3 times the size of Jupiter. The eggheads had missed the big one. To put into perspective 1300 earths, would fit inside Jupiter. What is headed our way is 10 times larger than the largest planet, and roughly 40,000 times the size of earth, And from what I could tell, they simply use the universe as they please but seem genuinely jealous of sentient beings. They have no morals or ethics in human terms, so swallowing the earth for water and other minerals while collecting a few thousand for explorative human surgeries. The rest will be raw minerals to be bottled in vacumn for later use. When they get to the asteroid belt, I’ll be asked to go do what I do, I’ll surrond the mothership within a millisecond be at the armada moments later, almost instantly circumvent all eight at once, Then, instanteneously be at the event horizon at the middle of the Milkyway. Most people dont know this, 9 smaller black holes do this dance around tryng to avoid getting pulled into the big boy which frankly must be 20 timese the size of the 9 combined.. i won’t survive and because our soul has mass, even my soul is a goner. Who the hell knew. You see when I first agreed to do this 10 months ago. I thought okay I’ll be decompressing, and be reborn into a cool life, but I really am going to die during this sacrifice none of me will survive., now you see why this was meant for me and was maybe a tad confusing the suggestions, but if you reread the transcript you will see it was the telling of my last year…and of my decision to die so that the souls I l;ove will continue to be… When I leave, I’ll let the 3 guides know. Please, a month or so after I die, as it will look as though I died at the desk, tell my son what happened, He has always said I keep too much from him, and he is correct, It was for his own protection.

    PS, if your guides have any say at all with anyone, tell them to back off a little, It is hard enough to get sleep, but with them about, 6 to 8 of them. They are pissed I went to the live show yesterday. I was gone so fast ant no one can lose a tail like me. No one follows me into the sun, I then go into a planet on my way back, I guess I made then look bad, but bringing back the lizard charcter is what has them on edge,

    Love always, Namaste’

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    Posted at 14:44h, 30 December Reply

    I look forward to these resonating readings every Thursday’s
    Big Mahalo

  • Avatar
    Anita Phillips
    Posted at 14:43h, 30 December Reply

    Karma, thank you and happy new year to you and yours. Reading reasonated more than ever especially about the first time I’ve seen him in person ( for many years) I have many 1questions but am keeping an eye out for signs and listening to my inner self . You are very good . Blessings

  • Avatar
    Martha Radebe
    Posted at 14:30h, 30 December Reply

    Hello thank you Karma I’m speechless it is so on point, Excellent reading I’m happy and waiting for that special someone to come into my life forever my wish is to live again happily love life because I’ve been hurt so many times by the people I thought they love me my wish is this coming new year 2023 every thing could change for me and my future man for good thank you very much.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 14:09h, 30 December Reply

    Wow this was so accurate for me. I am being open to receive the future and use my skills. Spotted another orb during your reading ✨
    Thank you so much

  • Avatar
    Josaki Simon Peter
    Posted at 14:00h, 30 December Reply

    God! Karma, you are too much. If u are standing in front of me now, I’d be kissing you now. You narrated me here from A -Z with no exception. You are truly gifted. Thank you so much and may God bless and keep you
    Happy New Year 🍎

  • Avatar
    Hershey Jaranilla
    Posted at 13:59h, 30 December Reply

    Can you tell me if my POI have a chance of getting back together?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 13:50h, 30 December Reply

    I love your readings, and boy do they resonate. Wishing you, your family, and the collective a very happy and healthy 2023 🙏❤️

  • Avatar
    Posted at 13:22h, 30 December Reply

    Thanks. It was a Excellent Reading that’s for sure. The only thing is I’m not sure if I’m soppose to be still clinging to the Past with a Person. Or is it someone new that’s comeing. As they both have not appeared yet.

  • Avatar
    Alma Ruby
    Posted at 12:46h, 30 December Reply

    I’m speechless!! It’s so on point, thank you Karma!!

    • Avatar
      Martha Radebe
      Posted at 14:29h, 30 December Reply

      Hello thank you Karma I’m speechless it is so on point, Excellent reading I’m happy and waiting for that special someone to come into my life forever my wish is to live again happily love life because I’ve been hurt so many times by the people I thought they love me my wish is this coming new year 2023 every thing could change for me and my future man for good thank you very much.

  • Avatar
    Julie wright
    Posted at 12:40h, 30 December Reply

    Trying to figure out if this fella that was chasing me hard is serious about a relationship or is it purely a chase for him

  • Avatar
    Faith Mwakonya
    Posted at 12:40h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you so much, it resonates so much everything it’s happening as you said,happy holidays ❤

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    Posted at 12:31h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you for your guidance Karma which resonated. What will be will be, and so it is ♥️

  • Avatar
    Ulrika w
    Posted at 12:27h, 30 December Reply

    On thé spot and thank you once again…. Smiled all throughout the reading in recognition. Grateful and open – here it comes. ❤️🌟🙏🏼🕊

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    Posted at 12:15h, 30 December Reply

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, 🎂🎉,💕 Enjoy 🎁💖and a Happy New year 🎈☘️🎆🎆🎆

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    Posted at 12:13h, 30 December Reply

    Wow amazing 💗 that’s exactly what’s happening 😊 thanks again Karma 😘

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    Posted at 12:06h, 30 December Reply

    This Reading makes perfect sense to me. I’ve experienced everything mentioned here from the dynamic Spirits and I’m doing quite better than before. Happy birthday to your little one, enjoy and Happy New Year to all!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:03h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you so much your reading 🥰 it resonated deeply 🙏 great insight and guidance!!! 💖💖💖 Love, Light, & infinite blessings!!!

  • Avatar
    Vivian Thorborg Overgaard Petersen
    Posted at 12:01h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you so much. I am not sure of what all this means to me, further, but I am humble and thankfull for your guiding here, for the first time for me. I wish you a Happy new Year. Love and light to you and your dear ones.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:21h, 30 December Reply

    The reading didn’t make sense to me. Very repetitive.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:01h, 30 December Reply

    Hello Karma I want to thank you so much for your readings it’s really helped me a lot and happy birthday to baby too.have wonderful new year and stay blessed 🙌

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:01h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you Karma.
    Happy New Year!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:55h, 30 December Reply

    This time I’m not sure what is meant… new beginning but at the end that what’s lost is coming back to you quickly! I’ll will wait and see how it goes. Love always Karma, happy new year to you ❤️🙏

  • Avatar
    Jeannette Flores
    Posted at 10:38h, 30 December Reply

    Thank u

    • Avatar
      Helen Dimaki
      Posted at 14:56h, 30 December Reply

      Thank you immensely for you generous gift of this reading. It was absolutely correct as I felt as if it described what I am through these days. My feelings now are more clear than the past and know what I can not accept for thee sake of a relationship. It is promising that something new or love investment is on its way hardly to believe it though as I have some fear inside even listening to it’s possibly as I feel not ready to take any opportunity I am ending you my best wishes for an abundant New Year giving your soul fulfillment.

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Marrone
    Posted at 10:38h, 30 December Reply


    I’ve been watching the weekend love readings for about 2 months now. I must say that they they all resonated so deeply for me… especially the one for this weekend going into the new year….yes, this has been a devastating, heartbreaking and heart-wrenching year for me… I’ve been so cautious, setting boundaries, and using fierce discernment… and yes, I’m so ready and done with my current living situation and I’ve had so many revelations about my patterns with allowing others to mistreat me and disrespect me to no end especially when it has come to the men i chose to love… I’m ready for a brand new relationship… but I’m scared because my heart is so fragile… with all of that said….thank you…so much… you are so gifted.. Happy New year

  • Avatar
    Tina Saville
    Posted at 10:34h, 30 December Reply

    Wow you were amazing everything you said just hit rite on for me an all I’ve been thru an goin thru there is a new person a man of Substance it’s came quick fast an he’s proclaiming already after only almost a month just how much he cares an wants to spend his life with me it’s exciting but it was scary I’ve been thru much an I have been too toeing thank you that was so clarifying.. 🤗

  • Avatar
    muwonge shadiah
    Posted at 10:30h, 30 December Reply

    Am not sure about what this means for me but i will just wait and see but i already feel a change coming although i dont know in what

  • Avatar
    terry ulyses cosner
    Posted at 10:28h, 30 December Reply

    well . im not sure .. i do have a quick mind .. so ill put it to task n be open to perriferial opurtunity .. .. n love life.. ya irs gotta be new cuz all old stuff is one state away

  • Avatar
    Carrie Brooks
    Posted at 10:25h, 30 December Reply

    Beautiful message namaste thank you

  • Avatar
    Ally F
    Posted at 10:23h, 30 December Reply

    Your messages resonate so strongly with me every time. It’s like you can see into my life. From the moment I watched your first video I instantly trusted you and your readings and that doesn’t happen often with me. Thank you for sending these videos out. I find that in addition to listening to my own soul and intuition, these messages give me further insight from Spirit as to my path forward.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:20h, 30 December Reply

    Dear Karma,
    Congrats with youre daughter
    A beautyful 2023 for you and youre dearones.
    Thank you for the readings
    It is givong me lots of insights 🙏

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:18h, 30 December Reply

    Slow coming in, however this feeling of not being closed off anymore is feeling more hopeful. However, The tower is scaring me.

  • Avatar
    John Andrews
    Posted at 10:15h, 30 December Reply

    Wow I feel like I am connected to the tarot. You nail every time. Thank you karma like always your a beautiful person and lots of love to you. May our Father God always bless 🙏 you. Your friend always
    John Andrews 051469

    • Avatar
      Nazimah Aullybux
      Posted at 10:43h, 30 December Reply

      Hi karma wish your daughter a happy birthday…🎂🥂thank for the reading still waiting for my love to return.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:12h, 30 December Reply

    Thank youuu. I am sure it’s a good reading!!!

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      Posted at 11:02h, 30 December Reply

      Brilliant reading

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 10:10h, 30 December Reply

    Thanks was a bit confusing. But understood some of it. Happy new year! Be safe.

  • Avatar
    Shenice Scipio
    Posted at 10:04h, 30 December Reply

    Thank you

    • Avatar
      Dawn Hughes
      Posted at 09:27h, 31 December Reply

      This makes so much sense to me that I feel quite emotional listening to it. Thank you Karma ☺️

  • Avatar
    Maude Arianne
    Posted at 23:23h, 29 December Reply

    Thank you Karma ❤️
    A bit intrigued and not quite sure what this means for me. But I sure have been getting signs that there’s a message I’m not listening to… I will keep paying attention.

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