The Power Is Yours | Weekly Tarot Reading | 5/9 - 5/15 - Cosmic Updates

The Power Is Yours | Weekly Tarot Reading | 5/9 – 5/15

Hey There Tarot Friends, 

This is Jonathan with a juicy and potent reading for you. 

You are coming into your power in a deep and grounded way this week. And while there are many benefits, this power will also ask of you to step into your integrity in a big way. 

There are major forces supporting your every move, and amazing opportunities afoot, but you’ll have to use your discernment and stay true to your heart along the way.  

Not to worry, you are more than capable, and on the right track. 

Let’s get right into it, and take a look at your cards for the week!

Card #1: The Emperor | Wielding Your Power

Are you willing to step to the plate and take ownership of your personal power? 

The Emperor is a representation of pure authority, structure, and stability. And while not everyone is equipped to rule a nation, when The Emperor arrives in a reading, it’s a sign you are being called to meet the challenge of owning your power with both integrity and grit.  

The Emperor has mastered his desires by aligning with principles that serve the highest good for both him and his kingdom. You are being asked to do the same by seeking out the values that best represent your ideals, and living by them unwaveringly. 

You might find yourself responsible for a group of people this week, or asked to lead a new project. Whatever the case may be, you are ready to step into a new position of authority, even if it feels out of reach right now.

You’ll find yourself feeling more stable and capable than usual. In fact, you might even feel more powerful than you’ve ever felt before. Take up the torch, follow that feeling, and lead with your heart! The Emperor is a sign to pay close attention to this new power, and to be responsible by practicing what you preach. 

The people in your life who look up to you, (consciously or unconsciously) will be particularly influenced by your actions, so now is a time to step into your strength and lead by example. 

Your next card is an indication that the way you hold yourself is being noticed by people of promise. What you do next could result in bountiful long-term success.

Card #2: Ten Of Pentacles | Inheriting Your Fortune

Are you willing to accept praise and adoration for what you have accomplished? 

The Ten of Pentacles is a sign of affluence, ancestry, and the development of your legacy. When this card is drawn, you can expect a windfall of some kind, and lasting results.  

Whether finances are more readily available, or your energy and mood begin to feel more reliable, you can definitely bank on things getting better and better this week. 

The Ten of Pentacles indicates paying attention to the long term, and receiving abundance that arrives after months and months of hard work.  

This is not a time to take shortcuts or get lazy!

You might not be aware of how well you are doing, but after everything you’ve gone through, and all of the experiences you’ve had, you are creating a rock-solid foundation.  

Nothing is wasted, particularly in your spiritual development. So trust that you are building towards a masterful legacy, even if you can’t quite see it just yet. 

Looking at your first card, The Emperor, combined with the Ten of Cups, it’s possible that your new stability, integrity and resilience will be noticed by someone of great importance. 

Whether an influential person in your career is noticing your quality of work, or the cosmos sees you’re ready for an energetic upgrade, you might get recognition by someone important that could change your life. 

The suite of Pentacles is related to the material world, including finances, health and environment. However, as you can see with the Ten of Pentacles, the elder man in the image is wearing a robe embroidered with moons and stars. 

The celestial symbols on his robe represent alignment of the spiritual and material realm. Bringing these worlds together results in a magical alchemy. In this case, the arrival of the Ten of Pentacles is a sign for you to connect your actions and finances with what is sacred to you.

When you accomplish this feat, your ability to manifest increases exponentially.

In fact, this is very a potent week for manifestation! Your next card is a sign you may experience an abundance of exciting options and opportunities. However, you’ll need to listen closely in order to make the right choice going forward. 

Card #3: Seven Of Cups | Beware of “Fool’s Gold”

Would you like to see through the illusions around you, and begin to perceive what’s really true? 

The Seven of Cups represents choices, options, and illusions. When this card arrives, you might be experiencing indecision, or feel pulled in many different directions at once. 

The Seven of Cups could be a sign that the contents of your unconscious are spilling out, overflowing their boundaries, and causing you some confusion. 

Particularly if you are feeling more powerful and more capable – as your first two cards suggest – you could start to magnetize and attract new and enticing opportunities into your life. 

However, decoding the difference between what’s truly a positive situation and what’s just an illusion will take some time. 

Right now it’s important to remember the saying, “All that glitters is not gold.” Just because something is shiny, or has big promises attached to it, doesn’t mean it’s the real deal. 

Ground yourself in your heart, and listen to your intuition above the flashy appearance of any opportunity that might present itself this week. 

If you meet a “really, really, ridiculously good looking” person, but something beneath the surface feels off, trust your inner signals above anything else. 

Both The Emperor and the Ten of Pentacles are reminders to stay in your integrity. Always remember that good things take time and commitment. When you keep these ideals in the front of your mind, you are totally on your way. 

So if someone shows up with a too-good-to-be-true shortcut, it’s probably just that… too good to be true. 

Besides, the value you are tapping into comes from a much deeper source than just material rewards. So stay true to your higher wisdom and your heart, because everything is lining up in a beautiful way. 

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Your reading has a very positive outlook for the week ahead. 

The Emperor calls on you to up-level your personal power by staying in your integrity, and is a sign that you are taking your mastery of the world seriously.

The cosmos sees what you are doing, and wholeheartedly approves! 

You are being noticed for your skills, and for what you have gone through in life. Be prepared for the strong possibility of positive change, and don’t be surprised if you are rewarded. 

The Ten of Pentacles signals that your long-term goals are coming together, and you are right on track, so stay the course.

At the same time, keep your eyes on the real prize. You might find yourself swimming in the waters of new opportunities and options, as the Seven of Cups indicates. It will be up to you to stay true to your heart and values. 

Now isn’t the time to get caught up in a “get rich quick” scheme, or distracted by something that’s really not worth your time. 

Instead, keep on keeping on, because you are already rocking it, and it will only get better from here. 

You’ve got this!

With love,

And in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart

 P.S. What’s something that distracts you from leading your best life? How can you tell when you are making the right decisions? Leave me a comment here on our blog, and let me know!  

P.P.S. If you’d like some help navigating the choices in front of you, or you’d like to learn how to own more of your personal power, you can schedule a private reading with me here

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

  • Abhijeet
    Posted at 10:50h, 13 May Reply

    hello JONATHAN.

    could you please tell me, when will i meet my love of life?

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:57h, 13 May Reply

      Hey there Abhijeet 🙂 honestly, there are a lot of variables in trying to answer that for someone. So unfortunately I am unable to tell you. Blessings my friend! Make life itself the love of your life 😉

  • Kevin Smyth
    Posted at 06:23h, 13 May Reply

    My appolog for the profile pic.I honestly do not know where it has surfaced from . Please let me know how I can delete it and replace it with a decent photo.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:58h, 13 May Reply

      lol, I don’t know nor do I know how to alter all that. Good luck!

  • Kevin Smyth
    Posted at 06:20h, 13 May Reply

    Jonathan.. I just want to let you know how amazing you are. Please give me a little time to do justice to you in my response.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 16:58h, 13 May Reply

      Thanks Kevin, happy to hear from you.

    Posted at 16:23h, 12 May Reply

    Jonathan, This is what is holding me back from living my souls calling; I have a 42 1/2 year old daughter that is homeless. She’s lost all hope. She’s separated from GOD. She has that emptiness in her eyes,& won’t let anyone help her. She is use to living off of people and saving up her money and not offering money to anyone she’s living with to help pay her keeps. Basically, she has used people for many years,& now she’s in a situation and she’s lost in a maze she has no idea how to find her way out. So I feel that if I start talking to people trying to help them to see things in a new light, they will throw this situation of my daughter in my face. Do you have any advice you could share and shed light on for me? What am I to do? Sincerely, Sharon Sanders

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:06h, 12 May Reply

      Hey Sharon, I don’t know the situation in full, but ultimately your daughter has made choices for herself. Often our souls calling is found through the challenges in our lives. We tend to think we are being blocked by some situation in our life, when I think that life has placed the exact kind of challenges in front of us that we must face and grow. If you are holding back your gift to the world because you are worried people will call you out for what your daughter has chosen, then perhaps it’s time to look beyond that fear and give your gift anyways. I realize it’s nots as easy as that, but there is something to be said about following through with what you are here to do even if it is super scary. Hope that’s a little bit helpful. Sending love

    Posted at 01:14h, 12 May Reply

    Oh Jonathan, Your readings are incredible…..
    I always seem to get bogged down with work that’s never related to me living my best life! In the past working to pay bills, Now being distracted by admin.
    My intuition isn’t always around to guide me in making the right decisions! Last year I made the most disastrous decisions!

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:08h, 12 May Reply

      Hey Alison, I totally understand. I like to take care of what is absolutely essential first thing in the day, that way it’s done and I don’t get distracted and end up not doing what’s most important. Also, I think learning to listen to our intuition just kind of comes with times where we aren’t in touch with it. During these times, I think it’s best to slow down and be patient. Sending love

  • Mara Johnson
    Posted at 20:31h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Jonathan lionheart thank you for this reading

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:09h, 12 May Reply

      Sure thing Mara 🙂

  • Woogena
    Posted at 18:53h, 11 May Reply

    My self distracts me from leading my best life. Imposter Syndrome, which I’m currently working on.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:09h, 12 May Reply

      Glad to here you are workmen on it 🙂

  • Kimberly A Lombardi
    Posted at 18:15h, 11 May Reply

    Marry me!!! Just kidding 😋😁 I needed this, I guess partial acknowledgement Im on the right frequency, back to me… no that’s not right. I’m evolving into a woman i respect one with a genuine smile that could light up any room. You’re reading feels like some sort of affirmation to the struggles, to the drama putting it lightly, are not going unnoticed. I am truly grateful that comes from source of Truth not just to be noticed for whatever reason I am truly grateful for everything that I’ve been blessed with and to read I might get a little bit more help in whatever areas it’s pretty cool. I view you as my own bad ass cheerleader sometimes. Your readings 100% truth, help me in ways you can’t imagine thank you, sincerely

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:11h, 12 May Reply

      I’ll be your badass cheerleader any day Kimberly 🙂 Love this: “I am evolving into a woman I respect one with a genuine smile that could light up any room.” Hell yes!!! keep going Kimberly, you’re rocking it <3

  • Janet Naramore
    Posted at 15:05h, 11 May Reply

    Thank you Johnathan for the powerful reading . You made me really pay attention and it comes at a perfect time, as with the universe always perfect 🙏🏼

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:12h, 12 May Reply

      Happy to hear this Janet 🙂

  • Cindysokun
    Posted at 14:58h, 11 May Reply

    It’s wonderful reading 😍 I claimed high energy reading, I welcome wealth, prosperity, abundance, love, happiness, freedom in my new life path 🙏🏼💯😍🥰🍀
    I open, received and accepted 🙏🏼 So be it
    It’s done it’s done it’s done 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🍀💯🌈😇. I forever grateful and Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌈💯🍀😇🌺⭐️

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:12h, 12 May Reply

      Woot Woot!! Hallelujah 🙂

  • Yolanda
    Posted at 13:47h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Jonathan.
    My reading is amazing. This is how I really started feeling from the beginning of this week. Thank you. This is like a validation of the intuition i feel.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 18:12h, 12 May Reply

      Thanks for sharing Yolanda 🙂

  • Viviane Paolini
    Posted at 12:15h, 11 May Reply

    I will feel it deeply and have goosebumps’. I will be more careful.
    Thank you

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 12:58h, 11 May Reply

      Hi Viviane, thank you for saying hi 🙂 Yes, the more power we have, the more conscious we must be with it.

  • Barbara Mcbain-Grant
    Posted at 09:47h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Jonathan, Thank you so much for this Awesome Reading! I just love it and I appreciate You so much.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 12:58h, 11 May Reply

      My pleasure Barbara, thank you for saying hello 🙂 sending love

  • Yolanda Lancaster
    Posted at 09:46h, 11 May Reply

    Thank You for your wisdom

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 12:58h, 11 May Reply


  • Jacqueline
    Posted at 08:07h, 11 May Reply

    Hiii, I like and appreciate every reading you send. It learned me so much to not to trust in people but in God.
    Thank you very much, God bless you

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 12:59h, 11 May Reply

      And Blessings to you Jacqueline <3

  • Godfrey jideofor Geo Anyachor
    Posted at 06:34h, 11 May Reply

    Good day Jonathan.
    I appreciate your forecast mails to.
    Thank you.
    For the past three years, I have been out of employment, not having any meaningful source of earning a living, this has severely affected my relationship with my wife and children.
    What do I do?

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:01h, 11 May Reply

      Hi Godfrey, I’m sorry for the challenges you have faced. Not having work can be very negatively impactful on our relationships. My recommendation, make breathing and presence your “work,” until you have work again. In other words, become impeccably present and awake with the time you have. This will keep you dialed in, and capable of being in integrity in your relationships during this challenging time. Let me know if you have questions. Blessings friend.

  • Kittygan Wright
    Posted at 06:21h, 11 May Reply

    Mr Loinheart

    You are spot on with my reading and I thank you ever so much 🙏🏽💞

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:01h, 11 May Reply

      Thank you Kitty 🙂

  • Janice Hargreaves
    Posted at 04:52h, 11 May Reply

    Thank you really appreciated your interpretation on like through cards would like a reading what is the cost? Please!

  • Romey
    Posted at 04:22h, 11 May Reply

    I decided to cut off all the people who don’t add value to my life . Also to focus on me .
    To change my whole life .

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:03h, 11 May Reply

      Way to go Romey, may it serve you and all of life well.

  • Graham Wright-Elliott
    Posted at 04:17h, 11 May Reply

    You are always soooo on the mark! I’m VERY impressed!

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:03h, 11 May Reply

      Thanks Graham, I have a lot of assistance in the process 😉

  • Marija
    Posted at 03:18h, 11 May Reply

    Moj tek na dolge proge se je začel že takrat, ko sem začutila, da je v moje življenje prišlo nekaj spontanega, brez nadzora.
    Moja ljubezen je izven zemeljskega dosega, ki je nobena sila ne more uničiti.
    Moja ljubezen je kot žarek sonca, ki se tja pa sem skrije za oblake.
    Tako kot Luna, ki se kaže v različnih oblikah, je še vedno Luna, ki izraža njeno celovitost,
    je tudi Sonce, za katero žarki sijejo vso magično svetlobo, ki ogreje srce vsem,
    kateri vidijo vso lepoto, in smisel celotnega spektakla, ki nam ga vesolje prireja.
    Moja intuicija mi govori, (in, seveda izkušnje) da vsaka manipulacija ima dobre, in slabe strani.
    Pravi čarovnik ve, katera stran je prava. To je SVETO.
    Vse, kar ni res, je lahko tudi res.
    Pustimo se presenetiti.
    Z ljubeznijo

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:06h, 11 May Reply

      Pozdravljena lepa Marija. Pravi čarovnik hodi v svetlobi in temi, saj ve, da narava in bistvo vseh stvari igrajo na vseh področjih. Ljubezen presega, ljubezen se prebuja v vseh stvareh. Izvira iz teme in svetlobe brez razlikovanja. Naj tvoje srce kdaj zacveti najdražji.

  • Kenverly Rosas
    Posted at 02:44h, 11 May Reply

    Its always a pleasure having a delighted message from you and I thank you for that.
    My best wishes for you and to answer your question, I would say my constant distraction is trying to survive in life just like any other. To keep it real, I tend to make my choices based on how it can’t take away from me and it shown to work sometimes but thats what mistakes are for to live and learn.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:09h, 11 May Reply

      Hey Kenverly 🙂 thank you for sharing. I’ve found in my own life, that if I trust open, beyond the fear, and live from that place, life tends to meet me with lovely and challenging things. It’s not an easy way to live, but the alternative is to live from fear. Blessings on your path 🙂

  • Kate Mhlanga
    Posted at 01:37h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Jonathan thank you for this week’s reading, I really appreciate it, I’m always amazed by the email you sent me and I try to apply them as much as I can, thank you.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:09h, 11 May Reply

      So happy to hear this and to hear from you Kate <3

  • Michelle Lanier
    Posted at 01:00h, 11 May Reply

    Thank you !

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:09h, 11 May Reply


  • Chance Henson
    Posted at 00:50h, 11 May Reply

    So I had to make some adjustments. I broke up with my girlfriend because she is not prepared to live her best life yet. This has been a topic of conversation for some time now. So I’m fairly certain it didn’t come as a surprise. Any way I’m embracing change and have an inner knowing about what is in alignment for me and what is not, to create a future with the most possible potential.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:10h, 11 May Reply

      Hi Chance, sounds like you have made some important changes. May your integrity move you onward towards the right path and the right people. Blessings

  • Nishan Singh
    Posted at 00:25h, 11 May Reply

    I appreciate how synchronistic each reading is with the Flows in my Personal and Professional Life! The Scientist in me wonders, “How does they have the insight in such precision each time which is so relevant Here and Now?”You must have some Spiritual Intuition as well. I was an Integral Spiritual-Philosophical-Linguistic-Ontology Monk-Scholar for most of my Life so I can perceive what a Deep Soul you are …coming from Beingness! Thank You,

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:12h, 11 May Reply

      Hi Nishan 🙂 nice to hear from a scholar/monk/esoteric student. Let’s have a chat some time, I’ll tell you what my academic/science side thinks about intuitive prognostication, and I’ll tell you what my esoteric deep soul side believes 😉

  • Athena Le( Athenas Pallas Wis )
    Posted at 22:55h, 10 May Reply

    I love you so much, it’s great, all predictions are very true, thank you for what you share for helping me so much! A big map for me!

    Love you!

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:13h, 11 May Reply

      MY Pleasure Athena 🙂

  • Myra Izevbizua
    Posted at 22:54h, 10 May Reply

    Hi I’m just catching up on my assignment ???? My paths with m not sure what’s going on but if like to be considerate I’m bettering myself knowledge paths with family I’m learning to be a bettere self I enjoy my readi gs butt ur an different type I’m building strengths comfidencr I’m loving new people paths andoving away curbs dephts thanks for giving me inspirational readings

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:14h, 11 May Reply

      Happy to hear you are heading in good directions Myra 🙂

  • Myra Izevbizua
    Posted at 22:49h, 10 May Reply

    Hi I’m just catching up on my assignment ???? My paths with m not sure what’s going on but if like to be considerate I’m bettering myself knowledge paths with family I’m learning to be a bettere self

  • Raylene Kay Slavik
    Posted at 22:45h, 10 May Reply

    I think Johnathon Lionheart readings are EXCELLENT!! I really trust your words of truth in a world where trust is scarce commodity. You’ll always be my guru 🙂

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:15h, 11 May Reply

      Hi Raylene, thank you for your loving adoration. There is a big beautiful Guru inside of you -deep within your heart- may that be the Guru you praise most my dear 🙂

  • jennifer c rodriguez
    Posted at 22:40h, 10 May Reply

    I find you to be very interesting there’s something about you that striking familiar to me but i enjoy your reading thanks very much blessing king

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:16h, 11 May Reply

      Hello Jennifer, thank you and blessings to you Queen

  • Monica Roybal Thomas
    Posted at 22:02h, 10 May Reply

    I really love my readings here. This one in particular. I’ve traded in my integrity for love to the wrong person. Yesterday I made the first move to getting my integrity back. I’ve allowed my shine to be compromised. I’ve had a deep knowing and chose to ignore it. In the name of love. Sounds pretty pathetic I know. I’m not giving up or giving in. I’m taking my shine back. Thank you for your help. I look forward to future readings.

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:18h, 11 May Reply

      Hello Monica. Doesn’t sound pathetic to me. We are deeply wired to search for love, and for almost everyone it’s been wired into us to look for it in the wrong places. Thank you for choosing to continue to grow, and to retrieve your Shine. Blessings

  • Aloysius Kase
    Posted at 22:01h, 10 May Reply

    luarbiasa mantap..

    • Jonathan Lionheart
      Posted at 13:19h, 11 May Reply

      Seperti irama jantung

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