The Truth Is Being Revealed | Deco | Weekly Tarot Reading | 12/17 - 12/23 - Cosmic Updates

The Truth Is Being Revealed | Deco | Weekly Tarot Reading | 12/17 – 12/23

Is there something making you feel uneasy that you’re having a hard time understanding or confronting?

Deco says it will be important to speak your truth and express yourself this week, so you can get to the bottom of an uncomfortable dynamic in your life right now.

She’s here to help you move forward with confidence, so you shift the connections in your life for the better.

Is it ever hard for you to express you true thoughts and feelings to others? What do you need to say to someone right now? Leave a comment and let Deco know!


Hello, my friends at Cosmic Updates. It is Deco, back again this time for our weekly reading for the week of December 17th through the 23rd. Man, we’re coming up on the end of the year. It’s really sneaking up on us, and I feel like a lot is happening. We’re also celebrating the Winter Solstice, if that’s something that you recognize. It’s a time to kind of be reflective and look at the shadows in your life and the things that you might need to confront. So let’s pull some cards, see what you need to know. For this week, we’re going to stray away from the Celtic Cross and see just what you guys need to know. We’ll pull cards as it makes sense. So let’s see what we need to know right away. We have a card that popped out. We’ll get some more cards in just a second, but let’s talk about The Hermit and what it means for you.

So if we’re thinking about what we need to be doing for ourselves this week, The Hermit is suggesting that we need to turn inward. The thing about The Hermit is they are doing things on their own, but they’re also wise enough to know when they need assistance or when they need to ask someone for advice. The thing about the hermit is they’re seeking this knowledge. That light in this picture is suggesting that they’re gaining new information, gaining new insight, learning about their circumstances and how to better themselves. Now, let’s see what kind of things we need to be focused on as we turn more inward and grapple with some things that we need to do. You might be in a situation where you want to ask people for help, but this might be the time to kind of think about how you can focus on things for yourself right now.

What do we need to be focusing on? Interesting. Okay, so right away we have the Queen of Cups in Reverse and the Ace of Swords. So these are kind of not going against each other, but I feel like the Ace of Swords is your action. Where your Queen of Cups in reverse is kind of your challenge in this reading, right? It’s like you’ve been feeling a little out of sorts. The Queen of Cups is very tied to our emotions, our creativity, but also our spirituality and the way that we’re feeling, right? So when the Queen of Cups is in reverse, it’s suggesting that we are feeling out of control of our emotions. We’re struggling to empathize with other people, to kind of read how other people are feeling, but also to read how we are feeling. We’re struggling to put our finger on exactly what’s wrong, maybe because we just have heightened emotions right now for some reason, and that’s part of why we need to turn inward is because we’re struggling with these emotions that we just feel are weighing on us.

Now, here’s where this Ace of Swords comes in, because where the Queen of Cups is suggesting that we’re struggling a little bit with our emotions. The Ace of Swords is very much focused on our intellect and our logic and the way that we think, right? And when I say the way we think, I’m not saying with our emotions. I’m saying we need to think really carefully and with our senses as opposed to our feelings. So when we’re thinking about the Ace of Swords, we’re thinking about a new way of communicating, a new way of thinking. So when you’re struggling with your emotions and you’re like, “I just don’t understand why I’m feeling this way.” This is where we start going back and thinking, “Why am I feeling this way?” This is my time to start turning inward and to think about why am I struggling? What is it that other people are doing that is making me feel so out of sorts emotionally because the Ace of Swords asks us to kind of go, wait. Let’s stop feeling about this and really observing our surroundings, observing our circumstances, our situation right now to see what’s going on and to think differently moving forward so that you don’t get stuck in this cycle where you just feel like your emotions are out of control right now.

Let’s scoot these forward a little bit and see what else we need to know for this week. What other things can we do to just make sure that we can tackle these things? Let’s see. Okay, interesting. There’s a lot going on. My friends, we have the King of Cups in reverse. So we have the Queen and the King of Cups, and when I have more than one of the same suit, same Court cards, so those are the pages, nights, Queens and Kings, and then we look at the Cups. This is making me think that this isn’t just you. There is someone else in your environment that is really making it difficult to have you in charge of your emotions, right? You’re struggling a little bit to just feel like you’re feeling good, and I don’t think it’s 100% on you. There might be some outside influences that are making you feel not so great, and they might even be making you feel like there’s no way to better yourself. There’s no way to dig yourself out of this hole.

There’s no way to do better because look, there’s all these other people that are not getting along with you. With this Eight of Swords and this Nine of Pentacles in reverse here we are stuck in that hole, stuck in that cycle of feeling like we’re not good enough, or that our emotions aren’t valid, or whatever. It’s whatever you’re struggling with emotionally, there’s outside influences that are making you feel even more stuck. And then on top of that, the Nine of Pentacles in reverse can mean that you’re very comparative of your journey to other people. When it’s upright, it’s like we’re investing in ourselves. We’re doing things for us that we think we deserve. But when it’s in reverse, it’s like you’re like, “Oh, no, I can’t. I do that because there’s these other things.” Or maybe, “I can’t do that because I’m not at the level of success of someone else.” Or, “I’m not in a happy family like someone else,” or “I’m not in this whatever situation.”

Then someone else, it’s when we start comparing and saying, oh, well, they’re clearly doing better than me. I shouldn’t be able to do this because of them. And that’s the worst place we can be in, but maybe that’s part of this person that’s in your life that’s making things be even more of a struggle, where we’re struggling to get a grasp on our emotions anyway, and then we have this other person who’s making it even more difficult. They’re making it seem even more impossible. And that my friends is where that Ace of Swords and that hermit come in. We need to put a level of distance between this person that is making us feel so bad for ourselves. We don’t need to go about it in a ruthless way, but we do need to be direct, right? Say, “Hey, listen, you are hurting my feelings and this is not okay. I need you to understand that. Like you saying, these things is not assisting me in feeling any better. It’s actually making me feel worse. It’s making me feel like I can’t do X, Y, or Z.” Whatever that is for you. But the Ace of Swords is saying, we need to start looking critically at what that person is doing, looking at their actions, saying what are they trying to make me feel? And instead, paying attention to your perception of what they’re doing. Even if someone does something with the best intention, perception is everything. On the other hand, someone could do something for you, and even though it was a very heartfelt gesture from that person, it could be something that didn’t feel so good. Maybe they did something that you wanted to do for yourself, or maybe they didn’t listen and they did something that just wasn’t expected.

There’s so many circumstances, and I don’t want to say that you’re feeling ungrateful, but I am saying that sometimes people do things and it hurts us unintentionally, and we need to be really clear with those people that their actions are not helpful. And you know what? They might come back and say, “Well, I didn’t mean it, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t make you feel negative about it. That doesn’t mean that you didn’t feel slighted or they took advantage or whatever it was.”

So we need to start turning inward and really thinking about what is it that this person is doing that’s making me feel so down on myself? What can I do to change my circumstance? Let me pull just a couple more cards and think, how do we pull ourselves out of this? Yes, turning inward is important, and thinking hard about what other people are doing is important, but that doesn’t necessarily give us steps to feeling better.

I’m actually going to pull an Oracle card. I was going to pull a Tarot card, but these Oracle cards are really great for next steps and what we can do to start moving forward in a different way. So I’m going to pull one of these oracles and see what else we need to know just about digging our way out of this hole.

How do we feel better in this circumstance? I love this card. It’s called Messenger — Sirius Energy, bringing Harmony and Balance. So what this is really focused on, my friends, and I think it’s interesting too because this card, I think looks very similar to The Hermit card. So when we look at this card, it’s suggesting to us that we need to be looking for harmony and balance, and when we’re feeling like things are imbalanced, that’s when we need to start addressing things.

When we need to start saying, you know what? Things are feeling out of whack. I’m feeling really uneven, uneasy, unhappy, and I need to start focusing on finding the harmony and balance in my own life. And the fact that this card is called Messenger is telling me that you do need to communicate with people. Again, you don’t need to be harsh with people, but you do need to tell them how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling, and if they don’t want to listen, that’s that wake up call, right? That’s you saying to yourself, “You know what? I don’t enjoy being talked to in a certain way or treated a certain way.” Even if they feel like they’re doing the best thing in the world for you, you might not feel great, and they need to understand why that is. So speak up for yourself. It’s so important that you start processing these emotions and thinking about, why am I feeling this way?

Even if you can’t pinpoint it right now, I think that in time and in that internal self-discovery, you’ll be able to see what it is that is weighing on you. Okay? You’ve got this. I think that there’s a lot of healing this week, but I think there’s also an opportunity here for you to really pinpoint that thing that’s been making you feel a little uneasy emotionally, and to start picking up those pieces and coming out of it stronger, happier, brighter. Okay? Good luck this week. I’ll see you very, very soon.

Deco Lo
Deco Lo

Deco is an intuitive tarot reader whose mission is to give guidance to those who need it. She has a passion for making connections with those she reads for and loves to teach others about tarot. Deco loves learning and is always looking to deepen her understanding of the tarot and its spiritual connections.

  • Avatar
    Ruby Tauro
    Posted at 05:07h, 19 December Reply

    Thank you for this reading Deco.

  • Avatar
    Amy Alvey
    Posted at 06:06h, 18 December Reply

    Well I oready know all this I can only do one thing at a time I’ve spoken up I’m out of sorts I’m trying to get out of this struggle I’m in I’m working more 2nd job I have to get back on top I need closure on a love matter it’s not over I’m not trying to tell you everything its my situation its my lesson i must keep or it will repeat

  • Avatar
    Meta walker
    Posted at 23:15h, 17 December Reply

    Hiw is my love life

  • Avatar
    Sharon Martin
    Posted at 16:24h, 17 December Reply

    You are an awesome taro card reader. Thank you!!!

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 19:42h, 18 December Reply

      Thank you, and you’re so welcome

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:27h, 17 December Reply

    That reading really resonated with me. My parents live with me and I told my mum that this year I will do Christmas Day and she has gone ahead and taken over. I actually have lost all interest in Christmas Day and Christmas. If I try to speak to her about this she turns it back on me.

  • Avatar
    Deidre Kotze
    Posted at 09:25h, 17 December Reply

    Oh boy! Does this reading resonate with me! There is a person in my life that is making my life impossible! Thank you. I am seeking a peaceful solution.

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 19:44h, 18 December Reply

      Good luck!

  • Avatar
    Lina Lipyanic
    Posted at 08:02h, 17 December Reply

    Thank you, I have felt very uneasy for a while, this person likes me but, I feel like he is trying to control me and I found him lying to me more than once. I ended a relationship with someone because they were controlling me and liying to me for a very long time, and cheating. It has taken me a while to heal from that and I can’t let people do that to me, I’m kind and always trying to help others but not if they are hurting me

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 19:43h, 18 December Reply

      Sometimes we find ourselves in a cycle and it takes getting out of multiple negative relationships to realize it. You deserve better! Don’t forget your standards and keep your head on straight when it comes to red flags. You don’t owe anything to the people who have treated you poorly, even your kindness!

  • Avatar
    Marilyn Millar
    Posted at 06:25h, 17 December Reply

    I look forward to your weekly readings and especially lately they are exactly what I need to hear.
    Changes are needed and I ask my Spirit Guide to help me to make the right choices and give me strength.
    Thank you Deco

    • Avatar
      Ossai, Emeka Johnson.
      Posted at 10:32h, 17 December Reply

      I have been running my package with my economic blood,I mean my time and my hard earned resources but some people think am just toying.

      I have applied all applicable to make things work out for altruism and general welfare of the people, but some sadists preferred to frustrate and sabotage all my efforts in the name of pursuing their various personal interest.

      The uncanny thing is my destiny route, and I will focus on it . I have seen that some people don’t have conscience or their conscience have died.

      My experience made to agreed that a problem shared is a problem doubled. Since I made emotion public some people decided to use it against me as war instrument to kill my dream.

      They started dribbling me in one way the other waiting to to hear me cry out. Some even had the termerity to tease me with expensive joke like: “Mr. Man are you sure your natural sword is standing”…in other occasion they will ask, ” Oga is your pen writing”… I have received a volley of insults because of my celibacy.

      The worst is this insults came from people I trusted most,they joke with my feelings. Sometimes,in order to pull my legs, they would engaged in unsubstantiated rumors against me to teste my patience but they failed at all times. But I know one day it will be over.

    • Deco Lo
      Deco Lo
      Posted at 19:44h, 18 December Reply

      I’m so glad to hear that Marilyn. Thank you for reaching out <3

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