Their Next Move | Galena The Mystic | Timeless Love Tarot Reading | 4/5-4/11 - Cosmic Updates

Their Next Move | Galena The Mystic | Timeless Love Tarot Reading | 4/5-4/11

Are you wondering what’s next with the person on your mind?

Galena the Mystic says that this week could bring developments in a special connection of yours.

She’s here to reveal their thoughts and plans, so you can understand their true intentions for you.

P.S. Are you waiting for someone to make a move toward you? Let Galena know with a comment down below!

Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. This is Galena the Mystic, your Intuitive Tarot Reader, and I’m back again with a Love Tarot Reading. This time we’re going to do a pick-a-card for what is next in this love connection. So, think of someone special. We’re going to get into your energies, their energies, and get into some of their thoughts and feelings and see if there are any planned actions here. So, go ahead and pick one of these crystals. For pile number one we have Mahogany Obsidian, for number two we have Black Tourmaline and for group number three we have Mookaite Jasper. So, feel free to pause, take your time, and you’re going to choose the timestamp that aligns with the crystal you chose to receive your personal reading. 

Okay, group number one, you chose the Mahogany Obsidian, which is a very healing and alchemizing grounding protective stone, one of my absolute favorites. So, in this connection, one person showing up as the King Fisher, this card says, Be Patient and Focused. And, another person in this connection showing up as Cow, Give With Unconditional Love and Grace. I’m seeing that with this Be Patient and Focused message, someone in this connection could be really patient and focused on their goals, on their healing journey or maybe on a certain project they’re working on. For a lot of you this seems like healing and it does seem like healing through something tougher like addiction or family wounding as well.

And so, with this Cow energy, whoever’s showing up in this Unconditional Love and Grace energy, it seems like they’re affording a lot of grace while the other person in this connection focuses on what they need to focus on. This person with the Kingfisher energy could be a little bit more analytical, but I think it’s interesting, even if they are more of a logical, practical mind, they are peering into the water, right? Kingfisher is trying to hit some sort of goal, trying to hit some sort of target, but I’m also interpreting this as them kind of wading through their emotions or peering into their emotional world, as the water represents that and the fish is Pisces energy, which is very emotional. It could have a certain milestone or even just from their perspective, it’s like, “Once I hit this goal, I’ll be able to receive love.” And, that’s kind of a distortion because we all deserve love regardless of where we are at on any healing journey.

This person seems to have a mentality of “If I’m patient and I focus on this and I reach this goal or I improve in this way, then I can receive this unconditional love that this other person has.” I do feel like most of you in this group are going to be more resonating with the Cow side of things. Whoever they are has an insane amount of grace, patience, forgiveness, often probably to the point of self-sabotage in some ways, maybe you betray yourself in order to make sure others are okay if you resonate with this side. I also think it’s interesting how there are two Cows here, but it almost looks like the Cow’s looking in their reflection. If you’re the Kingfisher person, it seems that you’re going through an energetic lesson where you’re realizing that you’re worthy of love regardless of what you achieve or accomplish or how healed you are. And, that sometimes receiving love is the most practical thing to do, makes the most sense. 

And, if you’re the cow person, you’re going through a season in which you are learning how to heal yourself, learning how to spend time with yourself, maybe spending time with friends or family. 

One thing I will say is that these two animals are very, very different. So, it seems like you approach love very differently. One of you is just very open-hearted and kind of has a why not attitude, okay with this Cow side. And, on the Kingfisher side, it seems like they’re just not used to that. They always feel like they have to earn love or they just feel like they have to change a lot. 

Let’s go ahead and get into some Tarot cards and see what the thoughts and feelings are on the Kingfisher side. Okay, we have The Star, wow. Okay, so one thing I’ll say about this Kingfisher is that they’re extremely inspired by the Cow person. They feel that the Cow is like their North Star, okay? And, by the way, I hope no one’s offended that I’m calling you a Cow, potentially, okay? Cows are very sacred to me and Cows are precious and we should all love Cows more. But anyways, yes, basically this Kingfisher person sees this Cow’s love as a great motivation. They really see the Cow as someone who’s pure of heart, and even if you’re not in communication, the Kingfisher really sees the Cow as such an inspiration and such a motivation to keep getting better and they hold out a lot of hope for this connection. 

The High Priestess, reversed as well as the Two of Wands. Okay, the Nine of Wands and the Queen of Cups that makes so much sense. Nine of Cups, reversed and the Page of Cups as next actions. So, here we have thoughts, feelings, connecting energies, thoughts of the Cow person, feelings of the Cow person, and then next actions. Okay, so with The High Priestess reversed, it seems like the Kingfisher, they are uncomfortable with being in the in-between navigating the unknown. They are definitely in this energy of, like I said, peering into their emotional realms for the first time and they almost want to know if it is safe, but I feel like taking some sort of leap of faith here when it comes to their healing journey, they can be just seeing a lot of signs and synchronicity surrounding the Cow person. And, I think this is almost triggering an emotional awakening for them. They are not used to the depths of their experience. They’re used to achieving things in the material realm or just navigating things through this logical approach. 

However, the Cow person’s energy is so different. Their feelings towards this connection are coming out as the Queen of Cups. They are so full of emotion, so full of love, so full of compassion, and that’s their natural frequency. I feel like the cow person would be this way regardless of what relationship they were in. However, with their thoughts, the Cow person is really learning how to protect their own energy, keep themselves warm. They feel like they’ve been through a lot as well. So, there could be a lot of history between you and this person, but with this Two of Wands, you guys are turning over a new leaf. There’s a new leaf in this connection. 

Now, with this Nine of Cups reversed, as a planned action, I’m really seeing that this relationship might not come together the way that you, or the way that either of you is really hoping for, not in a bad way, it actually seems like it has a potential to be better with this Page of Cups when this connection comes back around, when this person feels ready. I think that it’s going to be not such a hot and heavy energy. I feel like that could have been something that kind of separated you guys in the past. Maybe you came together too hot and heavy and that intensity triggered a lot of insecurities within the both of you. And so, the Kingfisher realized like, “Oh my gosh, I have so much work to do if I’m able to receive this much emotion.” And, the Cow person realizing, “Wow, I  really have to manage my own emotions and focus on myself and not try to fix anybody.” Especially because the Queen of Cups has a tendency to enable people through trying to do their emotional healing for them. This person is going to come back around, but they’re going to have a lot more self-awareness about where they’re actually at emotionally, and they’re going to embrace being a beginner at exploring their emotions. And, I feel like that’s going to allow you guys to at least have a really beautiful friendship. 

Let’s see what’s under this Nine of Cups. The Empress, yeah, wow, okay, so either way, I feel like you both idealize each other a lot. With this Nine of Cups reversed, you’re going to start seeing each other for who you really are. I think the Kingfisher definitely puts the Cow person on a pedestal and then feels like they’re not good enough. The Cow person definitely puts the Kingfisher on a pedestal and is like, why won’t the Kingfisher person just be with me? Things could be so simple. Things could be so easy, but you’re going to start seeing each other for the reality of who you are, and that’s going to allow your connection to be more genuine. I’m seeing this person kind of coming back around or you both coming back into communication with each other in a very lighthearted and friendly way where there’s not so much pressure and intensity between the two of you, okay? 

Okay, so those are all the messages I have for you. Thanks so much for being here. If you’d like a personal reading, you can book that at Feel free to like this video, subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one, okay, bye. 

Hello, hello, Group Number Two, you chose this Black Tourmaline, which is extremely protective and grounding. It creates a whole force field around your aura to protect you from bad vibes, but let’s get into your reading. So, you and the person who’s on your mind are showing up as the Swan and the Ant. With the Swan we have, “Demonstrate Grace and Majesty.” So, this Swan person, I’m going to refer to them as a Swan person, the Ant person. This Swan person could be some kind of performer or could be in a leadership position or some sort of position. This could be work related where they are expressing themselves in front of others, even if that just means delegating certain tasks or giving a presentation, or it could be a whole performance if you’re a dancer. Swans make me think of ballet and things like that. 

But, with Ant, this other person seems more like they work behind the scenes in some fashion. Maybe these two people work together, but for example, it’s making me think of stage crew. This Ant person might be part of the stage crew working behind the scenes or working in the office, handling paperwork sort of things. And, the Swan person’s more in a leadership position. So, it’s giving, maybe some of you are involved with a boss or someone who’s more prominent in a different apartment. I’m definitely getting work vibes, especially because this Ant card says Cooperate for the Highest Good of the Community. So, if this sounds like your situation, we’re going to get into thoughts, feelings. 

Let’s start with the Swan. What are the thoughts here? Five of Cups. What are the feelings on the Swan person’s side? Okay, we have Strength and The Hermit in reverse. What are the connecting energies between these two? Okay, Ace of Pentacles. So yeah, this seems like for a lot of you, this is a work thing. 

What are the thoughts of the Ant person, The World, the feelings of Ant person, King of Wands reversed. And then, the planned actions are coming through as The Moon and the Knight of Cups reversed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a work thing because for a lot of you there’s this sense of not being able to express your feelings to each other for whatever reason. The thing that’s connecting you guys is the Ace of Pentacles, which can be a job, a home or a city. Maybe this is a community or an organization you both volunteer for, but for whatever reason you can’t express how you truly feel to each other.

The Swan person’s in their feelings about that with this Five of Cups and has to with this Strength card, The Hermit reversed keeps their feelings to themselves and this is something that’s difficult for them, too. This person’s experiencing a lot of yearning, a lot of longing at this time. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if you would never be able to tell because this person really keeps their cool with this Demonstration of Grace and Majesty. I think the Ant person’s extremely impressed by the Swan person, very magnetized and almost hypnotized by this person. But, when it comes to the thoughts on this Ant person’s side, I mean they have The World, they see the Swan as everything, especially if they get a lot of attention from others with this feeling. King of Wand’s reversed, they feel a little insecure about the Swan. Maybe they feel they could never be in the leadership position the Swan is in or never perform the way the Swan is or they aren’t as creative as the Swan is. There’s this energy, a slight energy of comparison. It’s like I’m just a little behind the scenes person or I’m just a side character and the Swan person is the main character. That’s how the Ant person kind of thinks. I think that there are also elements of the Swan person’s life that the Ant person doesn’t necessarily see. So, the Swan person could be struggling with certain things like depression or just certain issues that they deal with where people would look at them as very lucky, very blessed on top of everything, capable of everything. This Swan person has this energy where it just seems like everything they touch turns to gold or everything that they want just manifests at their fingertips. It’s kind of giving celebrity life. Not to sound d Lulu, but it’s like the Ant person would never know the truth about how the Swan person struggles. Maybe they get little glimpses into it, but overall they just think that the Swan person has everything. And so, it’s like, why would you need me? The Swan person feels like people don’t understand the burdens that I actually bear. They are very good at keeping it all together, performing really well, even when something rough is going on at home, really good at working through their pain and keeping a cool head on their shoulders. But, people don’t realize they’ve had to become that way through such difficult circumstances. 

So, there is a lot of energy underlying between the two of you, and a lot of tension comes the next actions. I’m actually not seeing forward movement with this situation, at least not right now. And, the reason for that is because of The Moon, there’s a lot of projection going on. The Ant person projecting onto the Swan person that they’re amazing and perfect and majestic and the Swan person projecting onto the Ant, no one would really understand the real me or if the Ant person knew what I really struggled with, they wouldn’t be interested. So, what’s the point of expressing how I feel about them? So, there is quite a bit of projection and illusion and fears in this situation. I think that your work environment or whatever container it is that connects you two also prevents you from being allowed to connect on a deeper level. And, one second, sorry, whoopsies, I was getting a phone call, but that’s just extra confirmation. It does seem like there is communication that’s going to happen between the two of you with this Knight of Cups in reverse because even in the reversal, the energy is still here, but I just think that there’s going to be some time needed, some circumstances, sorry, some circumstances to shift, especially with The Moon. The Moon has its phases and it’s all about those gentle subtle changes that we don’t always see directly. So, there is a lot of energy underlying this connection and it does seem like things have the potential to shift, but it’s a slow shift. So, I wouldn’t expect any sort of developments in the material right away, but it does seem like you’re going to understand each other and get to know each other in a clearer way where you can see each other for who you really are. And, this is just going to happen slowly over time.

Okay, so these are all the messages I have for you. I really hope that this was helpful and that it resonated. If you would like a personal private reading, you can book that at The link is in the description, and if you like this video, feel free to like it and subscribe to this channel if you’d like more in the future. I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, thanks so much. Bye. 

Hello, hello, group number three, you chose the Mookaite Jasper, which is also very grounding in healing stone. I happen to choose grounding and healing stones for all three groups today. I didn’t do that on purpose, I just chose what was speaking to me, but it seems like we could all use some grounding energies, especially with Mercury Retrograde. So, let’s go ahead and get into it. We have Butterfly and Turtle as the two energies in this connection. So, I’m going to refer to this person as the Butterfly person and this person as a Turtle person. You could identify with either, resonate with either, but what I’m really seeing here is that there’s someone going through a huge transformation in this connection. Be Ready to Transform with Wisdom, is the message on this card. And, the message on the turtle card is Be Joyful and Trusting. So, these are actually really beautiful energies because this Turtle person is facing this Butterfly. It’s like they’re watching this person’s transformation in awe, almost feeling like, “Wow, what an incredible transition they’re going through.” Maybe they’re going through some sort of life transition and they’re just becoming a very different person. I feel like this Butterfly person has transmuted a lot of darkness and difficulty in their lives, and now they’re kind of reemerging. Maybe they went within for a while, just like a Butterfly goes into their cocoon and did a lot of shadow work, did a lot of reassessing who they are and who they want to be, and then they reemerged and this Turtle person’s watching them like, wow, what a magnificent Butterfly. What a beautiful person that you’ve become. 

This Turtle person, I want to say the Butterfly person makes a Turtle person so happy just by being themselves. The Turtle person has no expectations or demands of the Butterfly person, just really respects the journey that they’ve been on and trusts that the Universe put the Butterfly person in their life for a reason and that they’re going to find out what that reason is. They don’t have a lot of, like I said, expectations or demands of the Butterfly person. They just feel lucky to even witness this Butterfly person in general. And so, yeah, those could be extra confirmations too. If you’re seeing Butterflies and Turtles around now, the Butterfly person has definitely gained so much wisdom from this journey that they’ve been on. I don’t think they’re directly focusing on the Turtle person as much as the Turtle person is focusing on them, but I do think that these people are at least friends. There’s some sort of positive connection between the two of them. And the Butterfly person feels grateful to be witnessed by the Turtle as well. Grateful to have someone to talk about their journey with. If the Turtle knew the Butterfly before the Butterfly began, this sort of transformation, the Butterfly feels really grateful to know someone who has been there to see the process before everything was so stunning. 

And, if this is a new connection, the Turtle can still sense that there has been something deeper that the Butterfly has been through and is really curious to know what that was like. So, I think the Turtle and Butterfly person just want to get to know each other more. 

Let’s go ahead and get into thoughts, feelings, connecting energies and planned actions in this connection. What’s next? So let’s see the butterfly person. Let’s see their thoughts. We have the Three of Wands in reverse, Four of Swords in reverse. So, this person’s still healing. Let’s see their feelings, Death. This is the transformation. So, I think the Turtle person’s more likely to have a crush on the Butterfly and maybe the Butterfly doesn’t know. The Butterfly person’s definitely more focused on their healing journey, kind of just recovering. When a Butterfly first emerges out of their cocoon, their wings still have to unfurl and smooth out and dry. And so, they’re in kind of a vulnerable period. This person’s arms are out, stretched out as if they are spreading their wings. So, this person is like, they’re still solidifying these changes and they are a little weary of being disrupted while they’re in the process. And, the Three of Wands, they aren’t quite ready to fly yet, okay. It’s like they’ve emerged out of this cocoon, but they’re still very fragile, still very vulnerable. 

He needs two here. We got two cards again, The Star and the Two of Swords. So yeah, you literally can’t see what’s next in this connection, but with The Star, it’s like you guys both just bring a lot of positivity to each other. The feelings between these two just seem so pure and positive. I think you both really inspire each other as well. If the Butterfly person knows about the Turtle person, because this could be someone maybe you haven’t met, yet. But with this, it’s like there’s no use projecting any expectations onto each other. You just have to have faith that you’re a positive influence in each other’s lives, and that’s the extent of it. And, a lot of pure love can come from that space. 

So, let’s see the Turtle’s thoughts. Okay, we have the Ten of Wands and feelings towards this connection. We have two feelings cards, The Hermit and the King of Wands. So yeah, Leo, Aries or Sagittarius could be significant. And, I pulled this card, too, The Moon reversed. Okay, top of the deck we have the Nine of Pentacles. Bottom of the deck, we have the Page of Wands reversed, and these are planned actions. I’m actually going to take this as a planned action, as well. So, what I’m seeing here is that this Hermit and this King of Wands really show me that the Turtle person is very respectful of the Butterflies process and is definitely good at focusing on themselves. They don’t want to put any pressure on the Butterfly person. So, I think the Turtle person’s going to be really good at playing it cool, really good at taking care of themselves, being in their own energy. This person could be really charismatic and confident and just have a lot going for themselves in general. So, they do want to put pressure on the situation with this Ten of Wands. So, they think about it, they think about extending this offer, but they also understand this person’s very aware, very perceptive. Even if the Turtle person doesn’t identify as the most spiritual person, they definitely have so much wisdom and they’re a lot more perceptive than they might seem on the surface. And so, they definitely see the transformation that the Butterfly has been through, and they don’t want to put more pressure on the Butterfly by extending their love offer here. 

When it comes to planned actions, I think both parties with this Nine of Pentacles are just planning on taking care of themselves more and really solidifying their independence and their security and their worthiness. But, I do see there being potential here for something deeper in the future with this Page of Wands reversed and The Moon in reverse, too. There’s definitely some fears and projections when it comes to just not knowing the future. The Turtle person’s hesitant because they’re like, okay, I don’t know how much I could really take on in this situation. I don’t know exactly what the Butterfly needs from me or would need from me. And, maybe the Butterfly doesn’t need anything from the Turtle. And, the Butterfly person is like, well, maybe the Turtle person wouldn’t fully understand my journey. And, the Turtle person’s so great. 

King of Wands energy is very attractive. The Turtle person’s so great and focus on themselves that I don’t need to worry about what could be. And so, that’s why this Two of Swords energy is coming up in your connected energy. Neither of you can see the future with each other. You’re not meant to at this time. And, with The Star you both have faith that you came into each other’s lives for a good reason. And yeah, with the Nine of Pentacles, I actually feel like this energy of being in your independence and being secure is going to help your connection grow deeper. It’s going to show you that you can overcome certain fears that your ego has in this situation. 

These are all the messages I have for this group. If you’d like a personal private reading, you can do that at Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being here. And yeah, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more in the future. Give it a like if you’d like to help me out, and I’ll see you in the next one, okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Elaine Raubenheimer
    Posted at 07:38h, 23 April Reply

    I have to say Galena, You are incredibly in tune with the Holy Spirit. You are always so incredibly spot-on. I somehow resonated with one and three and to some extent number two. Thank you soo very much for your insightful messages. They all seem to resonate so accurately. God bless you for your incredible gift and sharing it with us.

  • Avatar
    Angelo Jannuzzi
    Posted at 16:58h, 11 April Reply

    I always appreciate your incites., so I’ve requested a reading but wasn’t given the opportunity to ask a question.

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    Posted at 12:55h, 09 April Reply

    I am the third-gemstone butterfly, and yes wanna know his next move -yet am comforted that I am not supposed to know yet a certain thing; -Am glad my transforming does not depend totally on his watching me tho my hope is that he will.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 17:51h, 08 April Reply

    I chose number two, and wow! I’m the ant in this situation and he’s the swan. What you said about each one of us resonated 100%. We do also work together, and yes given our roles, it could be slightly awkward, but not necessarily a barrier. It also resonates with me that nothing can happen right now, and I completely understand why. Thank you Galena 🙂

  • Avatar
    Ruby Tauro
    Posted at 08:12h, 07 April Reply

    Thank you Galena for the No. One reading somewhat the cow energy I could resonate with. 🙏

  • Avatar
    Posted at 18:31h, 06 April Reply

    Hello Galena!!
    Your readings are always accurate and you know what your talking about.
    I chose group 2 I have this guy name Randy and I’m unsure how he feels about me or if we would go further together.
    Thanks for support!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:40h, 06 April Reply

    Dear Galena

    I chose the first card group. It is so amazing how you get things said simply so right. Smile. Once again, thank you.

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    Posted at 07:34h, 06 April Reply

    Reading 1 made a lot of sense to me: I am a cow, and I might see my Kingfisher again next week, after more than a year of silence. The “heavy current” energies between us have triggered insecurities and made me miss several opportunities to clarify things. Now, they seem to have calmed down a little, so I hope to use my chance this time!

  • Avatar
    Elmer Newman
    Posted at 05:41h, 06 April Reply

    I enjoyed what I read The first one was the most interresting because it fit me the best, I was surprizied at how well it was writen. E.A.N.

  • Avatar
    Jane Thielen
    Posted at 04:10h, 06 April Reply

    Please I want Brad to tell me he loves me. Please

    • Avatar
      Jacinta Wangari
      Posted at 05:00h, 10 April Reply

      one day he will

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    Posted at 01:18h, 06 April Reply

    Yes I want to know their next move

  • Avatar
    Lanise Franklin
    Posted at 21:16h, 05 April Reply

    Thankful! Hi Ms. Galena! Loved the 1st and the final/3rd reading this week. I can see myself and the two of the guys that I am most interested in, in both of those readings! The first one with the KingFisher card of course you already know about how I refer to my connection that I cant stop thinking about and have interacted with only online (from the comments to your readings) as him being a “King” I always call him that when I respond to his posts and I explained in the last comment to your reading, how I am starting to see signs that he just might take that chance with us. I also appreciated how in this reading you mentioned that I am on a self-care self-preservation experience and am not applying any pressure to the connection. I have to let him find me this time. This is also something that I used to do in the past and have realized in my “being single and happy” journey that I will not self-sabotage or try too hard. I’ll wait for the right one’s energy to show up in my life. With that being stated, the beautiful brown and ebony stone just resonated something in me which was calm yet peaceful. Especially in how I intend to further view whatever will be from our connection. Now with the final or 3rd reading with the light maybe beige or ivory and mixture of amethyst or some sort of purple color in the video, in that reading I felt this one described my connection with my amazing writer the man who has a beautiful way with words and is from the same state I was born in and have family in. He just seems to have this wonderful heart of gold and his ability to express himself through thoughtful poems or messages of encouragement and his stories, always touch me in so many great ways and I always tell him online. I am a Sapiosexual, and I do have a crush on him too! I can feel that turtle energy and I am moving slowly and steadily just watching how things may develop for us. It’s also funny that I can see myself as that cow in the first reading and how I am patient and understanding because he recently indicated in a video that he (the King) is single now and looking. I just want him to look for me! However, like you said my virtue and essence screams patience right now so let the good times roll! The turtle in the sea/water and the fish in the Kingfisher card which is all Pisces energy is undeniable overall within both those readings! You amaze me so much ma Lady! Appreciate you taking the time to bring us such thoughtful accurate and authentic readings. Respect.

  • Avatar
    Andrea Caudill
    Posted at 15:21h, 05 April Reply

    need help with my life bc it’s it just went from bad to worse and I’m all kinds of stressed out but it ok I am being evicted and I just had a job and I need to know where I’m going to go where I’m going to be and I want to know who I meant to be with I don’t think I’ve met him but if I have I guess I was in my own way I don’t know but I don’t want me you can pick me up and hold me when I need it and tell me everything’s going to be okay and kill for that anyway I miss people that are gone not with us anymore if you have anything you know that you have gotten from them let me know please thank you

  • Avatar
    Joe Candow
    Posted at 15:17h, 05 April Reply

    Group One …Wow ! It was like listening to a play by play of mine and my newly reacquainted ex …..Even the Cow has significant meaning to us .. I’m actually at a loss for words other than thank you 🙏…This time round feels we have grown as individuals and it’s true …I adore him 🫶 not forgetting to love myself. . Inspirational…Thank you Jx

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    Posted at 12:16h, 05 April Reply

    I did not get to choose, because one is soooo true!

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 10:41h, 05 April Reply

    Thanks Galena,

    Have a nice weekend.

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    Lorna Stoney
    Posted at 10:01h, 05 April Reply

    GROUP ONE, MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN – The cow person.

    For a lot of you this seems like healing and it does seem like healing through something tougher like addiction or family wounding as well. Focusing on myself but not on others to heal.

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    Posted at 09:12h, 05 April Reply

    Defiintly Number 1 – amazing!!!

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    Henriette van Staal
    Posted at 08:34h, 05 April Reply

    Thank you this is so right what you wrote thanks

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    Posted at 08:25h, 05 April Reply

    Hi Galena , Great reading. Thank you!

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    Kevin Mark Lloyd
    Posted at 07:28h, 05 April Reply

    I see myself in all 3 of these because I’m leaving a relationship behind, healing. Taking a leap of faith & moving to a new town. With the unknown future. The person I’m leaving behind doesn’t know what real love is. In to themselves and drug addicted. The person I’m moving with is representing monetary and personal security. We both have been thru hell in previous relationships, but we see each others pain and distrust from being so loving & trusting but being lied to and betrayed. We feel we need each other for similar but different ways and reasons. Similar betrayal but from different histories & beginnings. We both hope our relationship will develop into something long term and secure. I do see ant & swan because he is a dancer, choreographer and I am 30 years older and experienced. He has helped me build the financial security I have been lacking my whole life.

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    Jesse Aiken
    Posted at 07:18h, 05 April Reply

    Yes, the turtle is my friend, she is a great person, very independent, wise, thoughtful and an Aries. I have been experiencing transformation for a while now and her presence in my life has enabled me to remain grounded and stable through a terrible relationship breakup/makeup/breakup situation. I have been teaching her Tarot, although she really is a Master in disguise as a student ( She has done it all in past lives. She often pulls the High Priestess when drawing for herself.) I like her a lot and love her dearly, it has just been so hard for me all my life, and after my last relationship, I am almost at a point where I don’t ever want to try again. I wish it were not so, that I could say I want to be in a functional relationship, but I just don’t believe in the existence of that yet. Still unfurling my wings, readying myself to fly off into the forest.

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      Ally Vyola Kionka
      Posted at 21:20h, 05 April Reply

      I am definitely the cow. How accurate. The person and I were together for a long time. I have been trying to stay friends. With our past it is hard. I do self sabatoge. I love so unconditionally that I have forgiven him when no one else would ever give them a chance to even be friends. We have started to talk and see each other occasionally. It has been wonderful keeping him in my life. This was so accurate it is crazy. Thank you

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    Egbai Onivorn Ike
    Posted at 06:50h, 05 April Reply

    Yes I want to know, I have this special someone in mind, his name is Gabriel ita. He is my boyfriend but for two weeks now we haven’t been talking because we had a quarrel

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    Cynthia L Christensen
    Posted at 06:32h, 05 April Reply

    Wowwwwww.i was most definitely the cow😂..this reading was so accurate that I kept my mouth open in aweeeeeee….❤️❤️❤️

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    Posted at 06:21h, 05 April Reply

    Tak czekam żeby on wrócił Carl 29/05/1964

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