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Who Has Feelings For You? | Galena The Mystic | Timeless Love Tarot Reading

Do you have a hunch that someone feelings are deeper than they let on?

Galena The Mystic says someone might have a place for you in their heart. She’s here with an intuitive message to reveal who they could be!

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Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It’s Galena the Mystic, your Intuitive Tarot Reader, and I am back here, clearly, in a different environment. I am at my partner’s house, and it just feels really good to film here and to channel here. So, I wanted to go ahead and get some messages for you guys. 

This is going to be a timeless Pick a Card reading, and the topic today is going to be who has feelings for you? So maybe someone has a little crush on you, maybe this is someone you know, maybe this is someone you’ll meet in the future, and it can fuel your imagination, your manifestations. But let’s go ahead and do a Pick a Card using the Isis Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild. 

We’re going to do three groups today, and so the cards we have for group number one We have Stay True and Be in Your Power. For group number two, we have Initiation, and for group number three we have Divine Sisterhood.

So, take your time, go ahead and pick which card resonates with you the most. You absolutely can watch more than one reading. And yeah, let me know what group you chose, and I’ll see you in your readings. 

Okay! Group number one, you chose Stay True and Be in Your Power. This also says Osirus and Isis, Lord and Lady of Divine Authority. So very much giving counterpart energy already with this Lord and Lady message. The story of Osirus and Isis is very much one of commitment, devotion, loyalty.

Osirus is murdered and Isis literally becomes magical, scans the entire Nile to find all the different pieces of him and puts him back together and revives him because she’s that dedicated to him. It’s also her brother that murdered him. Fun fact. Well, not so fun fact. So, I don’t know, maybe you have dealt with some betrayal or something like that.

But anyways, take that as extra confirmation. That’s not what this reading is about. We’re going to get into who has feelings for you. Okay, we have the Page of Pentacles reversed. By the way, this is the Wild Unknown Tarot. Who has feelings for my group number one here, who has feelings?

Ace of Cups reverse. Oh, I’m hearing “Keep it on the low. If you’re playing me, I don’t want to know, but my heart can’t take it anymore.” So, I don’t know. Maybe someone’s saying keep it on the low. Don’t hurt my feelings. Maybe someone is keeping their feelings to themselves because they don’t want you to hurt their feelings, especially if you are already, maybe they’re assuming you’re already into someone else or assuming that you’re already married.

Wheel of Fortune reversed, Seven of Swords. This is what I mean. Someone wants to keep something on the low with you. You could be maybe the third party in this situation. This is someone who you’re the third party potentially, and they keep their feelings hidden with this Wheel of Fortune. 

Oh, okay, interesting. Because we do have this message of Staying True and Being in Your Power. So maybe some honesty is being encouraged by the divine in this situation, but it could get messy, especially with that betrayal message I was saying about Set murdering Osiris. So, I think that some of you are in a situation where things are about to get a little messy. 

Yeah, we have the Wheel of Fortune reverse. This is giving chaos, actually. Ace of Cups. I think you’re really going to have to hold yourself, love yourself, ground yourself through this because you could be in for a little bit of a rude awakening. Not going to lie, but I see something divine here. I see some sort of divine connection here still.

So very, very interesting. Yeah, Page of Cups, something is going to clear in this situation. Like the chaos, the storm is going to pass, and with this Page of Cups, you are going to almost start fresh emotionally with someone. I could definitely see an apology coming through. Ooh, okay, I’m getting a dual message here. So, someone your marriage could be tested by a third party. Page of Cups, an apology could be coming through. What’s under that Justice reverse?

Okay, so some of you could be potentially getting a divorce, not going to lie to you, but this message, it’s about who has feelings for you. So unfortunately, don’t shoot the messenger, but if someone cheated on you and this is your group and you’re resonating with the message, this is someone who’s really sorry, doesn’t want you to leave.

They might be in their feels a little bit, but with the Page of Cups, this is like baby feelings. You know what I mean? Yeah. Six of Cups. This could be someone you already have roots with, family roots with. Also, some of you could be betrayed by family. Oh yeah, Justice reverse. I’m getting this energy of someone’s siblings could be jealous of their partner. Oh, well that makes sense. Duh. I literally just said that about Isis and Osiris. 

But I feel like that could be some of your lived story where your family’s jealous of your partner and goes out of your way to sabotage these people. I know this is a “Who has feelings for you,” message, but it’s like these people, if you’re wondering who’s thinking about you, these people are obsessed with you. Low key. Yeah. They see you as competition. There’s a lot of competition. These people’s feelings about you is very complicated. They’re a little bit obsessed. They kind of hate you, want to be you, want to be with the people you’re with, kind of want to be with you. It’s a weird energy. This could be friends and family who are just all up in your business. 

Why? Because you are a Lord or Lady of Divine Authority because you stay true to yourself and you’re in your own power, and if you are the third party in a situation, you’re recognizing that it’s been disempowering, and that truth needs to come to light and you’re willing to maybe stir up some trouble to make sure that things become more balanced again.

And also, you’re facing judgment. Some of you guys are facing judgment. Hearth, Happiness in our Hearts and Home. So yeah, this is what I mean. It’s like things are clearing out, things are going to settle, things are going to be happier. The Underworld, whoa, guys. Literally Osiris became King of the Underworld when Isis resuscitated him, and this says, “Where all things pause and begin again.” So, like I said, you could be facing some shadow, like, stirring up the underbelly of a situation. What has not been made obvious or what has not been brought to light. you’re going to bring it to light.

Oh my, guys, Skull of Light Illumination. I swear I did not see that. Underneath that, we have Graveyard Unnecessary Fear. So, I feel like you’re going to be facing some fears in this situation and bringing things to light. You are about to expose someone’s truth. That’s what it seems. You could be the third party and you’re like, listen, I found out I’m the third party, but I need to stay true and be in my power. So, I’m about to put this person on blast, and they could be receiving judgment from their family. You might receive judgment from that as well, like people who misunderstand your intentions or don’t understand what you were told. But School of Light Illumination, everyone’s about to see what it is, and you are going to have no need to fear. 

You are very protected through the situation and Spirit saying, through the misunderstandings and the miscommunications and all the BS like Page of Cups, like we’re here for you. Your heart’s going to be open and you’re going to be more empowered through this. It’s just going to look a little messy at first. So that’s what I have when it comes to who has feelings for you. Everyone you’re involved with has some sort of feelings about you, okay?

You are really your energy, it really gets under people’s skin for some reason they are bothered, but nothing for you to worry about. I’m sending you so much love. Keep your protections up. Keep your peace of mind up. Feel free to like this video, subscribe or purchase a private reading. I am going to be fulfilling as many orders as I can before I go on vacation from June 4th through June 10th. So, wish me luck and safe travels for that. I’d love to get your readings in before I leave. So do that ASAP and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye. 


Hello, hello group number two, you chose Initiation. This says Spiritual Testing of Ra and The Lady Isis. Interesting, interesting how this figure is on her mind. You could have a masculine energy heavily on your mind. The energy I’m getting is even when you’re going about your daily life and things, you still almost feel this person’s presence near you. You almost feel like they’re sitting beside you. 

It almost feels very ancestral. So, for some of you, this could be a lost loved one coming through. That’s the first message I’m getting is a lost loved one. Maybe a spouse who’s passed already coming through saying, “I still have feelings for you. I still love you as much as I did. I’m always going to love you.” It’s like the way that this is coming through, and part of your spiritual testing right now could be to move forward and choose your own happiness and also to continue connecting with this energy. Maybe some of you don’t feel that presence and this testing, it’s part of getting you to activate your third eye a little bit more and to kind of trust your feelings.

Some of you are clairsentient, but you are not. Your relationship with your body is a little bit fractured for whatever reason. Maybe you’re in survival mode. Maybe you’re so focused on work or so focused on people outside of you that you’re not sitting with your own body or taking note of the feelings that arise for you day to day enough to realize this person is around you in spiritual form. 

So that’s the first message. I know it won’t be for everyone. Another way of interpreting this is just a deep soul connection you have with someone where you feel like their presence is around. You might feel their advice as well. If you’re thinking of something and you need help or support, you might kind of pick up on, “What would this person tell me?” And that’s actually them communicating with you telepathically almost. So, you can have a strong telepathic connection. You can be dreaming about each other heavily, and this is someone who has feelings for you.

So, let’s go ahead and shuffle to see who has feelings for you. Can we know more about this person, Spirit? Wow, we have the Nine of Pentacles and Judgement. This is again giving me that message because Judgement in the traditional Rider Waite Deck. By the way, this is The Wild Unknown Tarot, one of my favorite decks, but in this card it’s about rebirth, it’s about Judgment Day. So, someone has already passed, already died, and then Spirit revives them in order to kind of assess what they have done, everything that they’ve done in their life and the lessons that they learned, and I guess, how well they did. It depends on your idea of God, what judgment really means. That’s not what this reading is about, but I’m just seeing again, it’s another confirmation that this person could have been a passed over loved one and with this Nine of Pentacles, now you could be in this independent energy.

My second message, okay, I’m definitely getting two groups, okay? The other way of interpreting this, you are being tested in order to be independent while you have this intense soul connection with someone. Judgment has been called in the sense that Spirit is almost forcing you to be in your own energy and to practice independence even if this person’s seriously on your mind. I’m also getting a lot of long distance. So, it’s like because of external circumstances, this person had to move far away and suddenly you were left on your own. Spirit saying like, “We’re testing you to see how good things can be with your own energy.” 

Who has feelings for you? Your higher self. Your higher self has the deepest love for you. Who else has feelings for you? Your Spirit Team. They have the deepest, deepest love for you. Who else has feelings for you? This person who judgment was called upon for whatever reason. Maybe they were pushed to move forward in life, whether that literally means move beyond the material realm and to go to heaven or reincarnate, whatever it is you believe or just die, move on from whatever it is that they were doing here.

Or maybe it was them moving on because of a job opportunity, a call they received, someone answered the call, and it separated them from you. But with this Nine of Pentacles, you are very much being pushed as well to be in this energy of like, “Wow, even though I’m on my own, even if I’m single or even if I can’t spend as much time with this person as I want, I have all the power in the world and the world’s my oyster.” 

So, wow, that’s a really, really powerful energy to have come through for the topic today. I was expecting to get maybe a crush from someone’s coworker or something. But anyway, as I say that, Three of Pentacles, someone could have a crush on you who is a coworker, you know?

If this is you, I feel like this person has a little thing for you because Nine of Pentacles, how could they not? The Nine of Pentacles, she’s the figure. You don’t have to go by she/her pronouns, but she in the card is very abundant, very taken care of, very well dressed. She probably smells good, she’s feeling herself. She doesn’t need anything from anybody. So, if you’ve been in this energy for sure, a coworker who’s not telling you has a crush on you. 

King of Wands, reverse on top of the deck. You can also have someone who has feelings for you who’s quite egoic. They could be a fire sign, Aries, Leo, or Sag. They don’t have to be. We also have Virgo here heavily with Judgement and then Nine of Pentacles. But yeah, you get someone with quite a high ego could be trying to get at you right now or trying to flirt with you, especially in a coworking situation, you might not be taking this too seriously.

Bottom of the deck, Wheel of Fortune, changes are going to occur in your life. This person, I don’t know, maybe for some of you, but for most of you, majority of you, I’m seeing that this is a flirty sort of thing, and this person maybe does have a little bit more feelings for you than what they’re leading on. The Devil, Queen of Wands reverse. Whoa, someone’s very, very sensually attracted to you. Okay, so someone, yeah,

The High Priest is reverse someone, they’re keeping it quiet or keeping it cute or just keeping it casual. That’s the way it seems. But up when I ask who has feelings for you, so don’t shoot the messenger. Someone who’s maybe in a casual situation with you has feelings for you, and actually they might be acting with The Devil energy. They might be acting like it’s just physical or that it’s just passion, but they see you as a match here and they see, if one of you is toxic, they see you as equally toxic.

I know that might not sound the most high vibrational coming from me, but listen, we meet people where they’re at and maybe you have some bad habits. Maybe this person has some bad habits and maybe you just, there’s some toxicity here, but maybe you feed into it a little bit. For some of you, not all of you, but with the Nine of Pentacles, you are being tested to move forward, to push yourself, to stand in your power, to stand in your abundant vibration of anything’s possible for me, and I love that for you. 

Let’s go ahead and end with just some Oracle cards for you. Some of you, you’re definitely getting heavy activation, as messy as you might be, you are gifted, okay? Some of you might be thinking, oh, I’m not spiritually gifted. I’m not high vibrational enough. We’re all messy, okay? We all have our things. Midnight, The Most Magical Hour of All. This is what I’m saying. You have a magical energy and I think by whoever you lost or whatever, that first message of someone has moved on from you or someone separated from you and you had to learn how to stand in your own energy that activated some spiritual gifts for you. 

Zombie Control, so this is that toxicity, The Devil energy that I’m seeing. Someone could have control issues here. You’re going to transmute this energy both personally for yourself and potentially with another. Okay? We have Skull of Stars, Infinite Possibilities. This is what I mean! The world is yours and you’re being tested to see the bigger picture right now to see what is truly possible for you because Spirit’s saying you don’t always get it. Okay? So those are the messages I have for you when it comes to who has feelings for you.

I hope that this was fun and helpful and if you like this video, feel free to like it. Subscribe to the channel. If you’d like more personal messages from me feel free to book. I’m going on vacation from June 4th to the 10th, so try to get your orders in a little bit before that because I definitely want to make sure that you don’t have to wait that whole week. I’ll do my best though. I love you all so, so much. Thank you for all your beautiful comments, by the way, and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye. 


Hello, hello, group number three, you chose Divine Sisterhood, and this says Community of the Spiritual Sisters and Brothers of the Light. So, some of you could be coming into community or you could already be part of a community or a friend group or something like that. But this makes me feel right off the bat that someone who has feelings for you is a friend. It could be very platonic with the sisterhood. You could have even sibling zoned or friend zoned this person already.

But let’s see, what do we need to know about this person? Who has feelings for you? Two of Swords reverse. Someone, Page of Wands. Ooh, someone thinks you are so cute, someone thinks you’re so cute. Two of Swords reverse, someone who’s friends with you or who sees you often. It could be a coworker, someone who likely, I mean maybe you haven’t met them yet, but it’s going to start out friendly. This person is trying to remove some sort of blockage when it comes to connecting with you. Maybe you are always around other people, you’re always meeting in some sort of group setting so they don’t always see a way to connect with you, but Page of Wands you’re coming through as very attractive, vibrant, funny.

They could really like your sense of humor. Who has feelings for you? Ace of Swords reverse and The Hierophant reversed. Okay, so maybe this is someone who’s maybe a close family friend or a boss figure, because The Hierophant can be about that too. Maybe because of some sort of external authority or external situation, whatever container it is that you connect through, they feel it limits your connection and so they tell themselves that it wouldn’t be possible to be with you. 

I’m just going to be honest here. That is what I’m seeing. Someone came home, clearly, but I’m back. And to continue what I was saying, it seems like with the Four of Swords, there’s some sort of pause here, like a break. But The Magician, I feel like you are in an energy that’s so attractive that you could maybe manifest something different here if you chose to, big, big platonic vibes.

So, what are the feelings? Let’s see. Let’s get into what are the feelings here? We have the Queen of Cups. Whoa, okay, so if this person has seen you be kind to others or take care of others, or maybe they see you interact with your other friends or even if your coworkers, customers or something in a really sweet way, this person really likes that.

Also, this does say Mother of Cups on it. So, if you’re a mother, this person really appreciates the way you parent. They see you as a very compassionate, kind, hearted person with the Queen of Cups, and she’s a very caring and nurturing person. So yeah, okay, Ten of Pentacles, whoa. This is like a card of family and long-term commitments and legacy and things like that. They’re very impressed by you and also, they could see this potentially here. 

Okay, The Tower, they feel, yeah, Four of Swords. So, the reason this is on pause is because they feel like it would ruin something. The Tower, they could literally lose their job or they’re definitely thinking, worst case scenario when it comes to you, you just being like, “No, that’s disgusting. I would never want to be with you. We’re not even friends anymore.” They’re worried about the worst-case scenario when it comes to pushing things forward. 

And so, with the Four of Swords, there’s just, there’s a break here. Yeah, Queen of Swords, this is what I mean. They know you to be a very compassionate and kind loving person, but they really worry with this Queen of Swords about seeing that other side of you that they might suspect is there the side of you that could be really strong with your boundaries, maybe even a little bit cutthroat.  Okay, yeah, Five of Pentacles, they’re afraid of rejection, so this person is afraid of rejection and that’s what is going on. Is there anything else I could interpret from these cards?

I think it’s time for Oracles. So, let’s see. What other messages can we get about this person who has feelings for you? Okay, we have Graveyard Unnecessary Fear. So yeah, another group did get this card as well, so you might resonate with that group. I’m not going to tell you which group it is, but with this card I can see that this is their Unnecessary Fear. Also, we have Skull of Darkness Blind Spots, so that’s interesting. We might need to get a clarifier for that. Let’s get one more from this deck.


We have Invisibility Authenticity. I’m just going to say it might not be the person you’re thinking because this could be someone who really keeps to themselves. Maybe is the quieter person in your friend group or out of your coworkers or whatever this community message is. So, they could be a little bit more on the shy side. That could be why they’re so afraid of rejection or that could be their fear of rejection could be why they’re so shy. And with this Authenticity, this is someone who maybe they don’t take up the most space in a room, but if you were to observe them, you would realize that they kind of do their own thing, march to the beat of their own drum.

They definitely, I think if you were to ask them questions, they would always be honest about the answer. We also have this Skull of Darkness Blind Spots, so let’s go ahead and get one clarifier for this. Again, I think this is indicative of you not being sure who this person is. I don’t think this could even be someone you’ve never even noticed before. Death. So yeah, don’t be afraid of this card. But yeah, Death, this is about the unknown, the unseen, but it’s also about the inevitable. 

So, there could be something about the situation where it’s inevitable that you’re going to keep connecting or seeing them around, but with this, I feel like this person has quite a large shadow. They might not share it with everybody, but they definitely keep to themselves a little bit more. They could have some trauma or some things that they’ve been through that you have not learned about them yet, and that could be a reason why they kind of blow things out of proportion when it comes to thinking of the worst-case scenario about certain things and why it’s harder for them to maybe open up a little bit.

But I do see a genuine friendship and admiration for one another here. So those are all my messages. Oh my gosh, actually, okay, last one, Lady Los Muertos, this is Acceptance and Equality. This particular Saint, Santa Muerte, she is very accepting of people’s differences and especially because we have Divine Sisterhood here. So, if this is a connection where you’re two different genders or something like that, or the same gender, I mean, Spirit is supportive of that, if that’s your vibe, doesn’t have to be. 

But also with this Authenticity message, that could be a reason. If you are the same gender, that could be a reason why this person keeps it hidden and why maybe you haven’t noticed. So anyways, that’s the last message that I have for you all. Thank you so, so much for being here. I’m sending you so much love. 

Thank you for all your beautiful comments on my video from last week. I encourage you to like this video. If you want to subscribe, if you want more personal guidance, you can find me here.

I am going to be gone from June 4th to June 10th, so please try to get your orders in before then and I will do my very best to fulfill those. Thank you for your patience, sending you so much love, and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

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    Kay Barrett
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    Group 1 for me and group 2 for my ‘viking’ before you read these were picked! Absolutely 💯 on the ball! For both I’m currently starting my journey of shadow work helped / guided by my Viking, (many many more points too re family etc) being concise, and yes Viking has a past life that they need to face up to and reborn into the future new life! Many other points to hidden feelings, passion, soul connections in a platonic friendship. Galena you are truly gifted and exceptionally on point! Even divorce has been spoken of too I should be surprised this isn’t the first time you have been perceptive beyond belief but still WOW 🥰 and of course Thank You ☺️ safe travels and a speedy return 🤗

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    deborah Baxter
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    Group 1 , this is speaking to me. I am sure my twin flame is getting ready to return. He wanted me to marry him 30 years ago and I ran, got scared and married a total jerk who I left right away. He married and never lost touch, always contacting me, and the contacting has picked up dramatically after my daughter and husband died. I started responding a lot and it is like we have never been apart. He has not been very open about his relationship with his wife, but why does he contact me at weird hours and whenever he is having a crisis moment concerning his wife and family? I want to know when and if we will ever be together again. We don’t live close to each other anymore.

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    Atelaite Quirke
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    OMG all.three cards is like talking to me about me personally.
    Widowed 11 yrs now with grown children.
    Love my family get on well with everyone
    I am seeing someone I like so much much too much I must say.
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    Don’t know where it goes ftom here but enjoying the moments. Thankyou kindly

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    Yvonne Sorensen
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    Hi Galena Thanks so much I went with Group no. 2 the last words my late husband said were I love you I’m always going to love you that was in 2008. I have been through he’ll since I’m only now starting to stand on my own 2 feet Your quite right and gave me a reminder that I deserve to be treated well doesn’t matter who it is. Thanks so much I look forward to your readings

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    Hi sister, Wow, all three readings resonated with my situation. I felt the most spot on reading was the third. Wow, when you mentioned the same gender!!! My heart skipped a beat. I am a 60 year old female, the lady I have fallen for is 77. I am head over heels and have been for a year. We are both straight, but my girlfriend said she was into men. But, I have noticed a change in her, like she is feeling differently towards me. I pray we get together soon.

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    Laurie Phelps-Gutwein
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    Thank you💜
    It’s hard…all 3 of them resonate. I’m tremendously spiritual, and intuitively gifted, but all over the place.
    There’s a very kind and weird man that I want to know better, but I don’t know how to make progress with him. We aren’t co-workers anymore, so the communication gets tangled…he doesn’t hold still long enough for Us to completely connect…I want to know his heart.
    I have created a life for myself, and started seeing someone that’s very cryptic about his family ties. I know that I am being interviewed and tested by them…I’m starting to have complicated feelings for him, but don’t want to get hurt. If he wants me to continue to be in his life he needs to be more transparent, because apologies won’t fix a broken heart.
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    Dear Galena

    I chose the first card and I am going through a divorce. Thank you always.


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    Hoa thi tran
    Posted at 11:40h, 24 May Reply

    Thanks you so much. Hope you enjoy your trip ❤️

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    Shameka Brown
    Posted at 10:20h, 24 May Reply

    Hey my name Shameka born 08/23/1991 definitely don’t know who has feelings for me still having a hard time understanding the cards well

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    Posted at 08:26h, 24 May Reply

    Hi Galena, I choose the second group, and your erading was right on. Thankyou!

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    jehan ali
    Posted at 07:26h, 24 May Reply

    I am looking a woman for marriage and she is a doctor and she is a beautiful or eany one but she is a rich woman and she is a beautiful woman and she have a good personality the age no problems best wishes jehanali afridi from Pakistan

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    jehan ali
    Posted at 07:22h, 24 May Reply

    Thank you very so much appreciated your efforts may dear.adame please help me in this process i am looking a woman for marriage and she is a doctor and she have a good personality and she is a perfect woman or eany one but she is a beautiful and she is a rich woman and she have a good personality the age no problems best wishes jehanali afridi from Pakistan

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    Annie Danyelle Erwin
    Posted at 06:39h, 24 May Reply

    Hey I chose group one….what you said was totally on my page. I care deeply about someone but its complicated.

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    Susan Trudy
    Posted at 06:25h, 24 May Reply

    Awesome #1 Reading! You nailed it! About to go to family reunion with so much judgement and sister/family betrayal ! It’s been 8 years and it is time for the real truth to come out! I believe my words aren’t as important as the universe and spirit will take care of it all when the time is right! I am uncomfortable to go but it is important I show up. I am growing in my spiritual journey and have found peace, comfort and joy with my music journey. 🪷🎼🎶🧡💜🧡🎶🎼🪷

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