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Why Did You Meet Them? | Galena The Mystic | Timeless Love Tarot Reading

Do you feel someone is in your life for a deeper reason than meets the eye?

Galena The Mystic is here to reveal the greater purpose behind your connection, so you can understand the lessons you’re teaching one another.

Simply pick the stone that resonates most with you to receive your love reading.

P.S. How has this person changed your life? Let Galena know with a comment down below!


Hello, hello, beautiful souls here at Cosmic Updates. It’s your Intuitive Tarot reader, Galena The Mystic, and I’m back for a Timeless Love Reading. This week we are going to focus on why did you meet this person, this specific person who’s on your mind, on your heart, why did they come into your life? Regardless of where you stand in your relationship today, we’re going to get to the bottom of it. 

So I have three different groups: 

For group number one, I have Ocean Jasper.

For group number two, I have this Conch Shell.

And for group number three, I have this Merlinite.

So go ahead and take your time choosing which stone is speaking to you the most. You can definitely watch more than one group. The timestamps for each group will be in the description of this video and the chapters, and I’ll see you in your readings.

Alright, group number one:

Thank you so much. You chose the Ocean Jasper, we’re going to get into your readings. So I want to pull one card for why did you meet them, one card for why did they meet you, as well as Oracle cards to kind of paint a bigger picture of the overall lessons and influences you’ve had on each other thus far. Okay, so why did you meet them? We have the Two of Wands. Why did they meet you? Okay, you got two cards, the Page of Swords and the Seven of Wands. Interesting. So why did you meet them? 

This Two of Wands shows me that you somehow became more flexible. This definitely is giving me an energy of being able to pivot more quickly and being able to make decisions as well. I feel like this person really inspired you to take action towards something you desire with this fiery Wands energy coming up on both sides of the reading. And it also makes me feel that you had to choose a different lifestyle for yourself because of this person. Maybe their influence made you realize you want something different for yourself that you had not thought of before. I think this person, also from you, learns communication and learns to fight for what it is they truly believe in. Something about clarity is here with this Page of Swords. 

It’s like they realize through your connection that they need to be more direct about what they want and you also inspire them to actually face some of their challenges and to actually confront some of their struggles with this Seven of Wands energy. Whereas maybe they were much more avoidant before meeting you. I feel like this person could have easily sparked some sort of lifestyle shift in your life. Maybe you have a completely different crowd of friends now or a completely different career now or completely, completely different hobbies. I just feel like this person changed you within very dramatically. And there’s also something here about you choosing yourself. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the connections in our groups today where you were not really in communication. Reason being this Two of Wands has their back turned away. And so to me it really looks like you had to learn how to choose yourself and the lifestyle you want regardless of what this person is going through or what this person needs, wants or expects from you.So big things here. 

Okay, we have Acceptance. “I’m learning to accept the things that I cannot change.” So something about this person, their influence in your life, it really taught you that sometimes even if you’re very passionate because there’s so much fire energy on both sides here, even if you’re very passionate, very drawn to each other, very magnetized to each other or even if you really deeply care about each other, sometimes there are outside factors and outside desires that make you incompatible. So I feel like there has been incompatibilities in this connection and that’s something that was really difficult because it’s like, “I had to learn how to accept that maybe things wouldn’t work out with this person.” 

Okay, we have two cards here. We have Patience, “I accept that everything happens in the divine order” and Discipline, “I can accomplish what I set my mind to.” And so yeah, there’s that discipline, determination, perseverance kind of energy, especially on your person’s side of things, like you really taught them to go after the things that matter more. And we have Judgement too. So there’s something about discernment here that says, “I understand that everyone has their own unique path and challenges,” so it does look like you and this person have had to part ways. 

And with this Patience card, I feel like Spirit really has a message for you. This is your group that so much is possible for you. And I think there’s a big lesson here about learning not to settle, accepting people for where they’re at. And I do want to also say there’s a big deep love here. Even if you and this person ended things on not the best of terms because of all this fiery energy, there is still a sort of unconditional love. And I do actually see a high possibility, Eight of Wands on top of the deck, of you guys reconnecting because there’s so much passion between you two. I feel like this person sees you as very sharp minded and very quick if that makes sense. 

Very intelligent, especially with Judgement here, you have developed a much stronger discernment and you understand when something’s wasting your time, and that was such an important lesson for you to learn through this connection. And I do see a high possibility of you both maturing and reconnecting and kind of discussing all of this stuff with this Eight of Wands communication. So group number one, those are all the messages that I have for you this week. Thank you so, so much for being here. Please feel free to purchase a personal reading. If you want to dive deeper, maybe get into some channeled messages of what this person’s thinking about you feeling about you and any planned actions they want to take towards you.You could book a private reading. Feel free to subscribe to this channel if you would like to subscribe. I’d love to see you again in the future. Give this video a like it would really help me out and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye. 

Hello, Hello. Group number two. 

You chose this seashell, very spiritual energy, very divine feminine energy. I want to get a card for why did you meet this person as well as why did they meet you? So why did you meet this person, Eight of Wands. Okay, so something about this person, I actually want to get another card for this, but something about them, they made your life move more quickly upon entering. I don’t know if they awakened a lot of desire within you. We also have the Three of Pentacles coming out reversed. I’m actually being told not to take reversals today. Okay? I will listen to whatever Spirit says, but with this Eight of Wands, Three of Pentacles, something about them coming into your life, it created a movement for you. I don’t know if it was just the inspiration, Three of Pentacles, you could have been coworkers or you could have collaborated in some way. This person, you really wanted to create something with them. You really wanted to build something with them right away. I don’t know why I feel called to get one more. Why did you meet this person? Okay, Temperance and The Hanged Man. 

So this person definitely changed your perspective on a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got into a connection very quickly. So maybe diving right into a commitment, as soon as you start talking, there’s just something very, very fast paced about this. Maybe you’re used to rushing and this person just has a much slower vibe, but something about the way that this didn’t maybe didn’t work out. For some of you, I’m seeing it just taught you that you needed to see things from a different perspective, a higher perspective, and also it taught you surrender to a certain extent. I have to leave this to my angels, especially if your feelings for this person came on super strong and super fast and you realize you were a little in over your head or you felt that way at least because your feelings for this person were so passionate and intense, it almost made you realize, “Oh, I have to just let this be what it is. I can’t shut it down. I can’t make it go any faster than what it’s going. I can’t make it go any slower than what it’s going. I have to surrender to my feelings and this connection.” Okay? Wow. So it’s a lot about you knowing when to take action and when to surrender things. So that’s a pretty big deal. 

Okay, let’s see why this person met you. Why did this person meet you? The High Priestess? Whoa, okay. Very spiritual, very divine feminine. That’s what I’m picking up with this seashell and this High Priestess. You had an influence on this person. You really opened their heart space. You made them more comfortable with the in-between too. Both of you through your connection, very collaborative, very divinely orchestrated. Spirit really put you two together so that you could have these deep epiphanies and so that you could ultimately become closer to the divine. So you could hear your angels, so you could hear your higher self, so you could hear your intuition more. God, if “God language” resonates with you, it’s a deeply highly spiritual connection and you activated this person’s gifts. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if you two share dreams. There’s a lot of energy flowing between the two of you. Your higher self started sending this person messages, signs and synchronicities right away. So that’s one reason why you met. Another thing is patience, really teaching each other, patience, sensitivity. This person learned so much about or has learned so much about embracing the in-between and embracing the unknown with you. They think you’re very mysterious. So let’s see why else this person met you. Why else did this person meet you? Oh wow. Okay, so we have the Ten of Cups and Three of Swords falling on the ground. You showed them that they have a choice. That’s the way that this is coming through. The Three of Swords is heartbreak, heartache, energy, the Ten of Cups is happiness and harmony and family and happily ever after. You made them realize that their heart really desires more from life, whatever it is. Maybe they were living very superficially before they met you and just skimming on the surface and having shallow connections with people.

But something about you, this is deep, this is heart awakening. You literally awoke, have awakened this person’s heart space. It was stagnant. It was dormant is the word that’s coming through. And it seems like you really triggered this person into longing, really wanting their dreams, like reconnecting with their dreams and their heart’s desires and yeah, that triggered some pain as well because they were definitely suppressing this at the time that you met, but you made them feel comfortable to dive deep into their heart space again. 

Okay, let’s go ahead and get some Soul’s Journey Lessons cards. But wow, your power, you are like an earth angel with this Temperance energy, this Hanged Man energy. You came into their life so quickly, they feel like you came out of nowhere and they’ve changed your perspective too. I don’t even think you realize the impact you have on people. Truly, this is my healer group, 100%. Honesty, “I can’t always expect the truth from others, but I can expect it from myself.” So something here as well as clarity, honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if this person has made some mistakes with you, group number two, and that they’ve learned some harsh lessons as it pertains to this. When they think about how they’ve disappointed you or maybe where they couldn’t stand in their authenticity, they weren’t used to being accepted for who they really are. Something about it brings them pain, it brings them regret. They still long as well. 

We have Surrender, “I can release my need to control.” That’s all this Hanged Man, Temperance, The High Priestess these are all Surrender cards. So 100% you’ve had to really let go of a lot, a lot of baggage, a lot of expectations, a lot of your preconceived notions about love as well. We have Blame, “I accept responsibility for my well being.” So this person at this time, at the time of this reading, they have fully realized that only they are to blame for them not having this Ten of Cups. They’re in control of how much love they let in, but they aren’t in control of their feelings and I think that that’s something that they’re trying to reconcile and maybe come to terms with and be more honest with themselves and others about. So you’ve taught this person to be more honest with themselves and they’re finally having this awakening and they’re hoping that they can still have this Ten of Cups, whether it’s with you or with someone else. It’s like they’re just trying to believe it’s possible for them. 

So The Magician, yep, this is the top of the deck energy. This person wants to manifest you. That’s the way this is coming through. They want to manifest, they want to bring this connection down to earth, definitely working on their self-esteem and trying to build themselves up, and they have a lot of questions. They are wondering why you came into their life because nothing is the same for them. You’re both surrendering to the process, even if it has ebbs and flows and there’s times when you’re closer in times when you’re apart, I feel like you’re both coming to accept the feelings you have for each other. So my group number two, thank you, thank you, thank you for being here! These are all the messages that I have for you this week while they’re timeless. 

So whenever you find this, feel free to purchase a private reading if you want to get more into their thoughts, feelings, and intentions towards you. Also, if you want to subscribe to this channel, that would be awesome. I’d love to see you again in the future. Feel free to give this video a like it would really help me out. Comment down below and let me know what you thought and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye. 

Hello, group number three. 

You chose this Merlinite. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here. This is a great stone for connecting, connecting deeper to your intuition and kind of awakening your genius. That’s the way that I feel about this stone. So maybe that’s something that resonates with you. Let’s go ahead and get a card about why you met this person. Why did you meet this person? Okay, we have The Star. Why did you meet this person, Spirit? Why did group number three meet the person on their mind, the Nine of Cups? Whoa. Okay, so this person gives you hope.You met this person because they inspire you to go after what it is that makes you really happy. Something about this person really heightened and elevated your idea of what you want. They really elevated it. So by that I mean it became more high vibrational if some of your aspirations became higher vibrational. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe you weren’t such a spiritual person and then this person came into your life and it just activated a lot of signs and synchronicities in your life, activated a lot of wishes as well. Maybe at the time that this person came into your life, a lot of other blessings unrelated to your connection entered your life as well. There’s just something so hopeful about this season in your life in which they entered. And so you associate them with a lot of positivity. 

Why did you meet them or why did they meet you? This is the Four of Cups. One more please Spirit, Eight of Pentacles. This is not super romantic, Five of Swords, interesting. So I’m definitely seeing tough endings and difficulty here in this connection, which is totally not what we see here. This connection may have ended in disappointment. You might be in separation right now. Bottom of the deck, Strength reverse. You had really high hopes for this connection, really high hopes. And with this Eight of Pentacles, Four of Cups, I almost feel like this person had the opposite experience meeting you. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, and it is not your fault at all that this person did not feel this hopeful, idealistic, excited energy upon meeting you with this Four of Cups, Eight of Pentacles, something about your connection immediately made them realize how much they need to work on in their personal life and how dissatisfied they are with themselves.

And so they chose to walk away from this connection. I wouldn’t be surprised if this really caught you off guard and really tested your strength. I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt totally defeated because it’s like what we vibe, we vibe, we can heal each other. We feel each other, we can make each other laugh, we can make each other smile. We can bring so many blessings into each other’s lives. That’s you, babe. You are all, you might have been radiating this energy and projecting it onto this person. And Spirit’s showing me that you are this way regardless of who enters your life. You have this compassionate energy in which you really see the best in people. I’m getting all smiley, Spirit’s really showing me, being in this bubbly energy is a good thing. It’s a good thing. But sometimes there are people that we come across in our lives where they don’t really like that. Okay, even Strength, energy. This is Leo. Leo is the sun, Leo shines. Leo has a very compassionate, kind, nurturing side to it as well. Very generous, very loving and affectionate and you have this ability to really heal people through this energy you carry. But some people, the reversal, they’re going to feel threatened by that or even insulted. And the reason for that is not because you’re doing anything wrong, but it’s because they have their own insecurities and dissatisfactions with themselves and they can’t see others’ light without comparing themselves or seeing it as a reflection of themselves in some way. That’s the way that this is coming through. And so this person realized like you were thriving, you were excited in your life, and this person realized, wow, if I’m going to match their frequency, I’m going to have to work on this and that, and I don’t like this about myself and I don’t like that about myself.And they then turned around and projected all that negativity onto you that you make them feel that way when it really had nothing to do with you. 

Okay, so let’s go ahead and get into some Oracle cards. I’m really sorry though because with the Five of Swords, it’s a tough ending. The King of Cups reversed and I can see it really got you in your feels, The Empress, but you’re coming out on top. You’re coming out on top. Your energy showing up is very attractive. You’re recovering from rejection, recovering from ghosting and abandonment. That’s why this person really came into your life. One, you were an opportunity for them to maybe open their heart space and be more open-minded. They chose not to take that opportunity, but two, they helped you recover from abandonment and rejection wounds. You can see your value with The Empress and so that you can free your mind of this prison of why don’t they like me? Why am I not good enough? Why dah, dah, dah, dah. You don’t need to do all that now because you’re in your Empress energy and blessings are going to continue to find you! 

Okay, let’s get some Soul’s Journey Lessons cards. What does my group number three need to know about this connection Spirit? “I feel good when I can help others.” This is you. You’re such a special person. Seriously. You genuinely feel good when other people are happy and that energy that you radiate, it’s such a gift. Not everyone feels that way. And I think that’s a tough lesson you had to learn is like, “Oh, not everyone wants to be happy. Not everyone’s ready to be happier. Not everyone even knows how, and so protect your happiness.” We have Abundance. “I’m a limitless being and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality.” Whatever you desire, you do not need to feel hung up on this person.

 It’s your own light that you’re attracted to. Seriously this person, they do not have a lot going on to be honest and all love and light to them. I hope they heal. I hope they get inspired and start to believe in themselves, but you don’t need to be held up by this person at all. I think you’d be settling big time if you’re hung up on them. We have Judgement, “I understand that everyone has their own unique path and challenges.” This person. They also helped you see things more clearly like your discernment. You’re seeing yourself more clearly. You’re seeing your value more clearly. You’re starting to see other people’s paths have nothing to do with you. It’s not a reflection of you. Okay? Trust, “I accept that my inner voice will always guide me correctly.” You’re going to have a very trusting connection, okay? 

Balance, “I bring a state of perfect harmony into my world and I do so without Judgement.” So yeah, you are no longer trying to help this person, save this person, inspire this person into enjoying life more. You’re going to let them be how they are, and you are not going to let that stop you from getting everything you need. Balance,this is making me think of the scales of Justice. So you have good karma coming to you 100%. And with this Trust, I feel like this definitely brought you closer to your spiritual team. You trust your angels and your guides more because you’ve allowed them to show you more of your own value and your own power. And it’s allowing you to be in your purpose. You’re going to be helping others. You’re really a very nurturing person, and that’s what is coming through. So these are all the messages that I have for you. 

If you want to get deeper into maybe the dynamics of this connection or what’s next for you in your love life, you can purchase a private reading. You can subscribe to this channel if you want to see more videos from me and the other tarot readers here. And if you like this video, give it a comment down below. Let me know what resonated and I’ll see you in the next one. Okay, bye.

Galena The Mystic
Galena The Mystic

Galena the Mystic is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual educator. She specializes in helping her clients with love, manifestation, personal empowerment, and psychic development. As a lifelong student and teacher of the mystical arts, she believes that all things are possible through self-trust, compassion, and serenity!

  • Avatar
    Geert Robberechts
    Posted at 13:20h, 27 May Reply

    I react very late because I was in shock. I picked the second group and it was as if you literally described was is happening between me and the woman of my life. She was my best friend for 4 years, it was she who initiated our friendship and kept it alive and out of the sudden I realized she is the woman I searched for all my life. I was so sure about my feelings I felt I had no other choice than to declare her my love. Big problem of course because she is … married. This was one year ago. And two months after my declaration, she was amazingly supportive and understanding, she stopped all contact, no explanation, silent treatment in the most cruel way. I never really know what was happening to me and the heartache is still immense. I lost the woman of my life and my best friend who promised once to be in my life forever. This reading clarifies all, spot on. Thank you so much, Galena. It isn’t the first time you make this kind of spot on readings

  • Avatar
    karen Adamo
    Posted at 20:39h, 14 May Reply

    well, I picked number two.. everything in that reading made total sense after my private read with you and knowing Sean and what’s happened between us and it still going on believe me, I’ve learned patience and a lot of things have changed since our last private session. He seems to be popping up a lot more. I think he wants to make sure I see him. I’ll be requesting another private reading. What’s the next four weeks to see where we are now? You always seem to hit everything right on target..

  • Avatar
    BeaBea Hedstrom
    Posted at 23:56h, 11 May Reply


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    Kristi Jalukse
    Posted at 17:31h, 11 May Reply

    I am so impressed by you! The second reading was so precise about me and my twinflame! Thank you so much for your reading because I really got a bigger picture!
    Many blessings, 🍀🍀

  • Avatar
    Posted at 02:59h, 11 May Reply

    Thanks you very much for your reeding I have been waiting for my soulmate to come but I have not received any email I am managing one local girl to pass my time she is not the one I want I hope I will meet who I will love so dearly .

  • Avatar
    Jill Urlwin
    Posted at 01:14h, 11 May Reply

    Thank you Galena, I chose the seashell and, the accompanying reading clarifies the reason we met beautifully. I have printed out ..this reading, as it is so spot on.

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 03:46h, 11 May Reply

      Lots of love, Jill! Thank you so much for watching & commenting! 🫶

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    Posted at 01:05h, 11 May Reply

    Wow I choose the second card ,and it was spot on !🙏

  • Avatar
    Dina Courtney
    Posted at 00:58h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Galena,
    I am group number 2. I must say this was eerily correct in my situation and I may need a reading to expand on this. Wow!

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 03:58h, 11 May Reply

      I’d be honored to read for you, Dina! Feel free to order at members.cosmicupdates.com/galena whenever you’re ready! Lots of love & gratitude your way! 🫶

  • Avatar
    Viv Eliot
    Posted at 22:29h, 10 May Reply

    Wow, your amazing, group one Ocean Jasper resonated on point for me, so incredibly. I have just booked “ burning question” reading with you.

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 01:00h, 11 May Reply

      Thank you SO MUCH for ordering a reading! I am catching up on orders very soon! Lots of love & endless gratitude for you! 🥺💘

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    Posted at 21:13h, 10 May Reply

    Gosh a*mighty, Galena, you were exactly right; in that, all that you mentioned is the absolute truth. You are a jewel and you be working those Tarot cards girl, to the max. Plus, to be able to bring to the table really pertinent data of that magnitude, and then to everybody with their own reality. I absolutely enjoy hearing from *YOU* Galena, or even somebody who can come profound, and with utter integrity, because you just pounce on it –>> concerning all of the intricacies of my life*s actual journey–>> whether that be past or present–>> and you just nail it every single time.. Gracious Galena–>> but please, Keep Up The Good Work, and Job Very Well Done! Bravo To You! Just Keep On Smiling & Knocking It Out The Park–>> Well, pertaining to my reading, that is, my splendid sista*. Until the next time… Please, take care, stay safe, be blessed, and truly *PEACE* to you and yours. Gotta* jet–>> accordingly, I conclude likewise–>> I*m out & deuces. Very Respectfully, Phillistine l. Carter

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 00:59h, 11 May Reply

      This comment totally made my day! Thank you so much, Phillistine! I’m sending you tons of love! 💘

  • Avatar
    Magali Richard
    Posted at 19:36h, 10 May Reply

    WOW A billion thanks for your reading, you are wonderful thank you thank you.
    I was wondering about it and you arrived on perfect divine timing and your words made a whole lot of sense.
    I felt them really deeply, cried, smiled, laughed, raised my eyebrows 🙂
    You’re brilliant. Thank you, thanks my angels, thanks God, I am ever so grateful.

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 01:53h, 11 May Reply

      This made me smile so big! Thank you, Magali & much love to you! 🫶🥺💓

  • Avatar
    Tina Gomez
    Posted at 19:18h, 10 May Reply

    Wow I just love your readings every time I read them you have always gotten everything right on the dot so thank you for allowing me clarification from you that it is right on.

  • Avatar
    Kathy Carroll
    Posted at 18:59h, 10 May Reply

    Thanks Galena
    I am the 3rd Merlinite.

  • Avatar
    Lanise Franklin
    Posted at 18:42h, 10 May Reply

    Hi Galena! Aww thank you so much for the 3rd reading that one resonated with me the most. I do believe that being able to read people and understand them helps me to cope with all of the good and sometimes bad things that they try to project on me. I always do my best to center that peaceful place within my soul to make sure that there aren’t any circumstances that will prevent me from getting there. I think this is helping view the “connection” I believe is there, but don’t really know for fact that it is with my “King”. I’m assessing it all from a much better perspective these days. Reality is, I’m going to have to focus on my own growth and in doing so, believe and let it go accepting that whomever the universe has for me “he” will show up when he should and with me not being a “spring chicken” I need understand that it is absolutely “okay” to be happy alone. I’m taking the initiative to go out more, I’ve been to several events from a violin to a jazz concert to a production show and I have booked more events as well. This weekend I go see an orchestra concert by candlelight. I believe that life is what you make it, graciously I’m doing my best to live in it and enjoy what I can when I can. Don’t get me wrong when I face some of these challenges i.e. this week with work, I do what I should to ensure they get resolved because in the end I have only myself to count on. When my future King shows up, he will be welcomed and if he doesn’t well that’s okay too! Thank you so much for a reading that always makes me feel much better after listening to you Galena. Respect as always.

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 03:44h, 11 May Reply

      It’s a beautiful thing to take yourself on dates, to spend quality time getting to know & love yourself more deeply, & to enjoy the things you like in the present moment! These things all sound so enriching to the spirit & ultimately will make you so much more attractive! I love spending time in my own company, it’s truly a gift. Thank you for sharing your journey with me, Lanise, you are so loved & appreciated! Enjoy your concert this weekend, that sounds beautiful! 🥺🥰🫶

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    Gloria Wulf
    Posted at 18:34h, 10 May Reply

    First time l had heard your reading. I chose number 2. Shame l got the 3 of swords instead of the 10 of cups.

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    Posted at 18:32h, 10 May Reply

    Number 3 really resonated with me. Thank you Galena!

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    I chose the seashell, an awesome reading. Once again amazing, it is scary.. Thank you always.

  • Avatar
    Loretta Howard
    Posted at 17:52h, 10 May Reply

    Galena you’re fabulous

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 03:46h, 11 May Reply

      Why thank you, Loretta! 🥰

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    Julie Sharp
    Posted at 17:43h, 10 May Reply

    All of them were spot on for me because I have just went through the most horrendous whirlwind anyone could ever imagine and trying to break through that whirlwind has taught me some tough lessons here spot on Galena you’re great stay awesome

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 00:58h, 11 May Reply

      Thank you, Julie!!! This tough time too shall pass. Sending so much love your way!!! Xoxo 💓

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    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 17:16h, 10 May Reply


    Have a nice weekend

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    Posted at 16:54h, 10 May Reply

    Number 2 for me, and just what I needed to hear. I was about to give up on this magical connection. But this gives me some hope that things are finally shifting and that he will be ready to face his feelings soon.

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    Alexandra Castro
    Posted at 15:48h, 10 May Reply

    I chose the shell and I think your reading is amazing, very accurate. Thank you

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    Posted at 15:39h, 10 May Reply

    Number 2 for me, and it makes sense when looking at the recent readings you did for me too. I recently visited a town that I really liked and am now seriously looking to move to. It’s not too far from where he is, and he seems really happy about it :). Thank you as always!

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      Bình manh chu
      Posted at 18:35h, 10 May Reply


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    Joanne Imellos
    Posted at 14:25h, 10 May Reply

    Galena – brilliant – thank you so much
    I am exactly where you described
    The spirits are guiding me with your help and I thank you for your positive energy xxxxxx

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    Posted at 11:05h, 10 May Reply

    Wow!! All three! Describe different people I have had a relationship with! Started with the shell boom my TF spot on…… so I decided to go to the Merlin I just got out of that mess and the outcome for me was that I was stronger and ok with it being let go that was the lesson, so I decided to go to the ocean stone and that relationship was described with an ex that the communication has fire and is just ok being friends both have grown and changed might consider if it evolves to go back.. I have a gift of spirit I was drawn to see your reading and before you drawn the card I knew what it was always excites me.. you are great …Galena wishing you hearts and grace Jackie

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:45h, 10 May Reply

    Thank you👑🙏🏼❤️
    On the spot for number 3. Through the meeting he made me realize value and boundaries. No more need for settling for less curious on what’s next to come ❤️

  • Avatar
    Stanley McCleary
    Posted at 09:59h, 10 May Reply

    What does it mean when you feel all three? I choose the last stone but felt open to all. And as you read each one after another, they gave me a greater understanding and picture of what was in my life. And explains a lot in my life. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:30h, 10 May Reply

    This totally resignated for me! I loved the reading.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:27h, 10 May Reply

    WOW!! You are amazing 🤩 I chose group 2. It validates the private readings you did for me recently. Booking a private reading for my daughter now 🫶

    • Avatar
      Posted at 21:25h, 12 May Reply

      Spot on..

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:28h, 10 May Reply

    group one here. You’re so right. We reconnected and are planning gaming this weekend. There’s a good chance we will discuss things also about moving forward. Thanks Galeena, you’re so accurate on your readings glad we did our deep dive reading before. It’s a useful guide for me as i move forward with this person.. 🙂

  • Avatar
    Posted at 08:27h, 10 May Reply

    Hi Galena, I choose number one and it resonate with me completely. Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Professor Roy Yonce
    Posted at 08:09h, 10 May Reply

    You talk to fast, and have an acsent talking too mumble not clear.

    Professor Roy Yonce

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    Gayle A Schneider
    Posted at 07:47h, 10 May Reply

    Number 3 here. It resonated with me completely, thank you for all of your insite, this will help me heal from the pain and heartach I’m feeling now, however this too will eventually pass, I know ill be alright. Moving on to someone who will value me, respect me, and know that I do matter, I’m important too, relationships mean two individuals whom both matter, not just one of them.

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    Posted at 07:22h, 10 May Reply

    Thanks for your insight on the ocean reading Galena I felt the closest to this one because of where my connection is with my special someone. She lives in San Diego and I live in NY. It is very tough to be so far from one another but I think we have opened each other’s mind to different things. The caring and nurturing of each other through words is a wonderful expression of the heart.

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    Posted at 07:16h, 10 May Reply

    Oh Wow, second reading that is so spot on with me! Wow wow wow, booking a private reading right now

    • Galena The Mystic
      Galena The Mystic
      Posted at 00:56h, 11 May Reply

      Thank you so much for booking a reading love, you have no idea how much it means to me! Ty for watching & commenting too 🥺💘

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