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Your Path To Abundance | June 2024 Monthly Forecast Reading | Jonathan Lionheart

Can you sense an incoming windfall?

Jonathan Lionheart is here with your June Tarot Forecast, and he says a path to abundance could be opening for you.

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Hey there friends. Welcome to your Monthly Forecast Reading. I’m calling this one “Pathways to Abundance” because, almost across the board, there are interesting challenges and growth spots that are leading to much vaster relationship with both abundance, clarity, and wisdom. So, I think you’re really going to like this reading for the month of June. There’s a lot that’s happening in a really positive way. You can grab a reading with me down below and also check out what else I’m up to. So always nice to tune in with you and looking forward to doing so again soon. Take good care.

Wherever you happen to be right now. Give yourself a moment to take a few deep breaths. Allow yourself to come into this moment and you might bring some of your attention into your heart center. Maybe notice a few things that you’re grateful for, or something that makes you smile, and then what is it that you’re needing right now? 

We call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east and the west. Please be with us now. Bring forward a clear message. We call out to Mother-Father God, the denizens of light. The deep ones, the rooted ones. We ask for a clear transmission of energy for what it is that we’re needing at this time. Thank you. 

Alright, as usual, you will choose one of the cards up above and skip forward to the corresponding message. We are looking at the month of June, so give yourself a moment to look at each of these cards, see if one of them is calling out to you at this time, and once you’ve decided, you can skip forward to the reading that’s for you for the month of June. 


We’ll start with our first card underneath the double helix. So, I’m just going to tune in with those of you who will choose this card. All right, let’s take a look. Our first card will be the overall situation, what it is that you’re stepping into the month of June with what the month of June is bringing up for you in your learning and growth process. Second card will be the obstacle, which is the reciprocal energy that pushes against this learning and growing process as a necessary friction to help you grow. And our third card will be the outcome, which will give us an insight into what it is that you’ll grow through, what it is that you’re coming away with, and maybe some of what it is that you’ll be stepping into in the following month or following cycle. 

Let’s take a look at our first situation card for the month of June. This is a pretty healthy card, particularly for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere stepping into summer here. The Ace of Pentacles is all about new fresh energy. This can come in the form of finances; it can come in the form of health. It can come in the form of the direction of your career all around this is a robust and healthy energy. It’s a sign of good things to come. It’s a sign of healthy pregnancy, whether that’s pregnancy with actual child or pregnancy in the sense that you have beautiful things coming and they may not have fully arrived yet, but there’s something very good on its way. It’s a sign of general abundance. 

So, let’s take a look at your obstacle card, and this’ll give us a little bit more insight into what this Ace of Pentacles is talking about. Second card is our obstacle and our obstacle card here is our Two of Cups. Now, sometimes when this shows up as an obstacle at me, it can mean that there’s a bit of imbalance, whether that’s in your relationship or your relationship with yourself.

Something has been out of whack, something has been out of balance, and this month is going to be an opportunity to right and harmonize whatever it is that is a bit out of whack in your life right now. So, for some of you, it could be that a friendship or a lover, something has been off, it’s not working, it’s not heading in the right direction, and the sign of the Ace of Pentacles is that something can get reorganized, it can get put back into place. 

There’s an opportunity for a fresh start. There’s an opportunity to see one another or see yourself in a new light, and that’s going to help things move forward in a really healthy way. Now, on the other side of this, it could be that a relatively recent love or a love that hasn’t been around for too long may come to an end, and as a result, you’re actually feeling lighter. You’re actually feeling really optimistic about what’s possible as a result of this coming to a close.

Let’s take a look at our outcome card for the month of June. For those of you that chose this first card, outcome card is our lovely Priestess card, and this is definitely a sign that this month, whatever it is that is getting unencumbered or rebalanced, is going to help you deepen in a major way. This is a great month to be listening to your dreams, practicing your rituals, getting in tune with your deep wisdom elements. 

Now, The Priestess doesn’t tend to be a card that is with someone else. She’s not necessarily with The Magician, for instance. She’s actually very comfortable on her own. She’s traversed the deep, dark passageways of human wisdom and the occult knowledge, and so she’s actually more focused on her internal world, on the wisdom traditions, on aligning with the truth of herself and the truth of the cosmos.

So, for those of you that maybe have stepped out of or in the process of stepping out of a relationship, this can be a sign that life is calling you into a much deeper place. It’s time to meet the deep, dark, beautiful parts of your soul and come through with even greater wisdom, integrity, and clarity of self. For those of you that maybe have just felt out of balance with yourself, this is a great month to be focusing on rebalancing, particularly in the physical realm or relationship to finances. 

But also, just in your masculine and feminine and reuniting parts of yourself. And as a result, you might have a very massive awakening or deep new insights on your soul path one way or another. The month of June is looking like a very beneficial, healthy one for you. 

Let’s take a look at the advice card for this month ahead. The advice card is to turn into the shadows, turn into the deep, dark, primal places of your soul. Be willing to listen to the whispers of your dreams, of your intuition. Maybe do a bit of shadow work in an intelligent and deep way. Definitely find a moon to go dance under. Be playful and creative. If those are aspects or attributes that you haven’t been focusing on recently, it’s time to get back into some of your creative flow. 

Listen to the deep call of your soul and follow the wisdom that’s there. You’re unlocking something that’s very deep. And when you have something like this card, which at an alchemical level is talking about the unification of the masculine and feminine, a deep inner union that brings about relationship with your maybe unfound wisdom, this is a really awesome month for those of you that chose the first card. So, thanks for tuning in with me as always, and I look forward to connecting with you again soon. Take good care. 


Okay, moving on to our second selection. Let’s see here. We’ve got our triangular symbol there. So, for those of you that chose the second card, I’m just going to tune in with you for a moment. For those of you that choose the second card. All right, let’s take a look. First card is the situation, which is the general situation of the month of June, maybe some of what it is that you’re bringing in from the previous month and the general direction of your learning process through the month of June. 

Second card is going to be the obstacle card, which can be the reciprocal energy that’s pressing against your own developmental process at this time. These can be challenges, but they can also be a part of the healthy process of your growth. 

Next card is our outcome card, and that’ll give us a sense of what it is that you’re coming away with from the month of June and maybe some of what it is that you’ll be stepping into the next month. Up above, we’ve got our advice card. So, let’s start with our situation card for the month of June.

So, for those of you that chose this second option, it’s possible that you’ve either been through a challenging experience recently and you’ve got your guards up. You’re making sure that you’re safe. Maybe you’re a little wary of the people around you right now. It’s possible that there’s been a bit of a heart hurt or maybe something in your career or personal life has been extremely challenging. You’re feeling a little bit beat up like our friend here. 

Well, luckily the Nine of Wands is also a sign that you’re getting close to a breakthrough. You’re getting close to be able to reap some of the rewards that you’ve been fighting for. So, let’s take a look at your second card and that’ll illuminate a bit more about what this first card is talking about. 

So, we’re looking at our obstacle card for the month of June, and the obstacle card is our Ace of Cups, which when it’s in its upright position, generally is speaking about hope, openness, a revitalization of your emotional world, clarity, even an element of enlightenment. Now, when it’s in the obstacle position, it’s possible that you’re feeling a little hopeless. You’re feeling run down. It’s hard to garner the excitement and joy that maybe you’re used to. 

This could be looking like a little bit of a depression or feeling like you’re disconnected. You can see in our Nine of Wands; he’s making damn sure that he’s a bit disconnected from the people around him. In order to protect himself, he’s put some guards up, and as a result, he’s not feeling the flow of life. He’s not seeing through his own protection mechanisms. 

Instead, he’s feeling a bit lost, isolated, not so connected to life itself. So, something may have happened, or maybe it’s just an accumulation over time where you’re just feeling a bit worn down. Well, the good news is that this Nine of Wands does tend to harken that you are at the last stretch of maybe a challenging period. You’re actually going to move through into something else. So don’t give up yet. 

Let’s take a look at your outcome card for the month of June. So, this is a great sign. We’ve got our Justice card, which is a Major Arcana card that’s showing up for you for the month of June. And if something has been out of balance, something was unfair, maybe that’s a bit of the narrative that’s running in your head, like it’s not fair. What’s going on? I don’t feel like I’m being supported by life. 

The Justice card can be a sign that things are coming back into balance. You are going to see some justice in your life if things have been deep and dark and challenging. It’s possible that they start to rebalance themselves. Now, there’s another way of interpreting this, which is perhaps you had a time in your life where you were maybe not so fair to others, and as a result, you’re slogging through some challenging stuff in order for the universal principles to come back into alignment.

And one way or another, you are coming to the finish of whatever this particular situation is. If anybody has been dealing with some legal matters, this is a sign that those matters might start to find their finalization. They might start to come to a finish. One way or another, you’re headed into either the finishing off of some old karmic stuff, or you’re about to get a bit of a boon where life is going to put things back in your favor. 

This is going to be a month where it’s going to be important to honor the need for protection, but also see beyond the trees, see the forest beyond the trees so that you can see that there is hope on its way, that this is just a blip on the map and you’re heading into better waters. Let’s take a look at our advice card for the month of June. Alright, so the advice card is twofold. 

One, enjoy what it is that you have right now. Look at the things that are around you. Find some gratitude. Maybe start doing a gratitude practice of what are the things that you can notice in your life right now that you have abundance in that are beautiful and supportive and write for you. The other side of the advice card here is take time for yourself. 

Put some space aside so that you can be with your own wisdom, be with your own intuition. Allow yourself to feel nurtured by what it is that you’ve created in your life. There are good things headed your way, so enjoy the good things that are in front of you right now as well. For those of you that chose the second card, thank you so much for tuning in with me. I look forward to connecting with you again soon. Take good care. 


Now we’ll move on to our final, our third card. So, for those of you that chose the third card, those of you that choose the third card, I’m tuning in with you now. Just give me a moment. All right, so our first card is going to be, let me put this guy up there. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Our first card will be the situation card, which is the overall situation that you’ll be stepping into during the month of June, maybe some of what you’ve been dealing with so far. 

Second card is the obstacle card, which will let us know some of the challenges that are up in your life that you’ll be facing in the month of June. Also, some of the healthy reciprocal energy that pushes you to grow. And our final card will be the outcome, which will give us an overarching understanding of what it is that you’ll be learning and growing through, and what you’re coming away with in the month of June. 

So, let’s take a look to begin with for June, our situation card. So, our situation card is our King of Pentacles. Now, this could be a particular individual in your life. This might be a boss or an authority figure who is weighing heavily or prominently in your life right now. This could be a lover, this could be a romantic partner, and this could also be yourself. 

It represents someone or yourself that is pretty grounded in the material world. They’ve accomplished a lot, what they’ve set out to do, they have made happen in their life. They can be a little bit stubborn, sometimes challenging to deal with, but this is somebody with a lot of wisdom and a lot of experience. 

So, let’s take a look at our obstacle card. It will reveal a bit more about this situation. So, the obstacle card for the month of June is our Judgement card. We are in the realm of the testing grounds, the grounds that say, “Hey, are you ready to heed the call of life?” Can you step forward into the next level of what it is that your life is about? What it is that you’re ready to receive from the heavenly realms, receive in your life itself? 

This is a powerful card, and it tends to ask us to do some reflection on what it is that we’ve learned over the years and what we’ve learned in the most recent cycle. So, it’s possible that you are the person that is getting ready to step forward into a more masterful role in your life, whether that’s in your career, whether that’s in your finances. It could also be in your relationships in one form or another. You could be on the precipice of making this next step, but life is going to test you a bit. 

It’s going to see if you’re truly listening to what’s in the deepest parts of your heart and in your soul, it’s also possible that there’s somebody that you have a pattern or a cycle with that’s being represented by this King of Pentacles. And you are going to get a chance to transform that pattern in the month ahead. You’re going to have the opportunity to change the way that you interact with this person or with this type of situation. 

So, let’s take a look at our outcome card for the month of June. This is great. So, The Strength card is a great outcome card. It’s saying, rely on your wisdom. Use the resource of your deep inner fortitude to traverse this next period. What’s true, what’s in integrity, what’s at the deepest part of yourself. Now, stand in it with clarity. 

Now, it’s also a card that says, be compassionate. Understand what other people are going through and be kind to the parts of yourself that maybe you’re afraid of or are trying to rush or hurry. This is a card of patience. So, this is not a time period to rush ahead. If you’re stepping into this deeper wisdom of mastery. Take your time. The great masters, the great individuals that are able to walk in this world with clarity and integrity, know that patience is absolutely essential. 

And in order to find the refinement of what it is that you’re cultivating in this life, you’re going to need to take your time, listen to the deep parts of yourself, listen to the wounded parts of yourself, and more clarity will begin to come for you. Let’s take a look at your advice card for this coming month. So, the advice card is saying, be adaptive.

You don’t need to hold too tight a reign on things. Sometimes the King of Pentacles can be stubborn. He wants it his way and only his way. Well, the Knight of Cups is saying, allow yourself to be a little bit more open to different ideas, willing to compromise a little bit. Use your wit, use your charm, be creative in the way that you’re interacting with people in situations this month, and you’ll have great success. 

So, for those of you that chose the third card, that’s your reading for the month of June. Thanks so much for tuning in and everybody, as always, thank you so much for tuning in with me. It’s always a pleasure. You can always grab a reading with me or check out what else I’m doing, and I look forward to connecting again soon. Take good care

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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