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Your Power Is Awakening | New Moon In Leo Horoscope

Hi Friends,

Ever notice how sitting near the warmth of a fire can lift your spirits?

Fire has a magical ability to set your heart at ease and fill you with energy.

The New Moon in Leo on July 28th will ignite your inner fire…

Gently kindling your ambition, courage, and passion to fight for what you want.

New Moons are a time of emotional renewal, so the New Moon in Leo is a time to recharge your willpower and fortify yourself for the road ahead.

This New Moon can help you tune into your inner strength and ability to destroy obstacles on your road to success.

However, it’s important to keep yourself in check and watch your words over the coming days.

It’s possible that the flames of your enthusiasm could burn out of control, cross boundaries, and create conflict with those around you.

Great power and magnetism will be stirring in you during the New Moon, so let’s explore how you can best harness this exciting energy.

Fortune Favors The Bold

You may feel more competitive this New Moon…

And you might notice that other people are trying harder too.

Leo loves to be the best at everything.

In its purest form, this desire for excellence can be a powerful motivation to become your best self.

The New Moon in Leo will activate your desire to excel, be seen, and hold yourself and others to a higher standard.

You may also feel more fearless than usual. 

This is because the New Moon will be supported by Jupiter, planet of luck, growth, wisdom and blessings.

Jupiter is currently in the sign of warrior Aries, which harmonizes perfectly with Leo.

Jupiter in Aries is all about earning wisdom through trial and error, making your own luck, pioneering new pathways of abundance, and having beginner’s luck.

The combination of the New Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Aries means that fortune favors the bold over the coming days.

If you want something good to happen in your life right now, just go for it!

Now is not a time to wait for a sign, or try to get things perfectly aligned before taking action. It is simply time to act!

If you do, things could work out far better than you imagined.

What’s even more special, is that Jupiter will be turning retrograde just two and a half hours after the New Moon. 

Whenever a planet shifts from direct to retrograde, it appears to stand still in the sky. This creates a concentrated beam of energy that intensifies the power of that planet.

So with Jupiter stationing retrograde during the New Moon, you can expect an extra burst of luck, positivity, and mind-expanding energy to enter your life.

However, you’ll have to take real action and initiative on something in order to gain the full effect of Jupiter’s blessing.

Just make sure not to step on anyone’s toes as you do, otherwise you may end up butting heads.

Friction In The Air

While the New Moon will be well-supported by Jupiter this month, some other planets will be arguing amongst themselves, and could increase friction with those around you.

Mercury is more than halfway through the sign of Leo, and its position suggests you may have to stand up for yourself or fight for something you believe in.

But it’s also possible you could be feeling unusually defensive and impatient, which could make you feel like fighting even if you don’t need to.

You may feel misunderstood, or like those around you lack the communication skills you need. It’s also possible that false assumptions or unmet expectations could lead to angry reactions, which could take a toll on your relationships.

The solution is to talk things out calmly.

Notice if you’re holding onto a negative outlook, because a pessimistic point of view could make conversations harder.

Uranus’ influence on Mercury this New Moon could bring great insights and breakthroughs. Just be patient if you or others have trouble finding the right words to express yourselves right now.

You might have a revelation that’s so outside of the box, you don’t really have the language to describe it yet.

But if you push through this mentally awkward time, you could find the resolution you need to a larger issue…

A Need For Resolution

There’s one more influence this New Moon this month that could change everything for you.

The New Moon in Leo will be perfectly aligned with an asteroid called Vesta, which represents self-reliance, devotion, and what you hold sacred.

However, the New Moon will be in a challenging position to Vesta, which could make you aware of a disconnect between your sense of identity and your spiritual calling.

Do you ever feel like spirituality requires you to sacrifice your ego or selflessly serve humanity while receiving nothing in return?

During the New Moon, you may notice where your ego has gotten in the way of your spiritual path, or how your spiritual path has made your ego too weak or unhealthy.

Vesta position to the New Moon is a reminder that you can be your unique self while still honoring your divine calling.

The key is balance.

So use the coming days to contemplate what you might need to adjust in order to harmonize these very different aspects of yourself.

Lighting Your Inner Fire

The New Moon in Leo is set to be an invigorating and uplifting time.

You will feel in touch with your dignity and uphold a higher standard with others – or in areas of your life that have been in a slump.

Your desire to excel during this time can be a powerful motivation to put yourself out there and go after what you really want.

Communication may be strained, but if you control your temper and practice patience, you could have some seriously powerful breakthroughs in your own thinking or relationships with others.

You might also find yourself discovering healthier ways to express your spiritual side, or a renewed desire to live your life in alignment with your spiritual values.

It’s going to be a fantastic New Moon.

So be sure to enjoy the magic…

With Joy,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Are you feeling a call to adventure? What are you ready to take action on this New Moon? Let me know in the comments below.

Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. She is a lifelong student of astrology and loves sharing about the significance of the planets in our daily lives.

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    Your Wonderful 👍😊💬👀🙏🌺 And Thank you so Very much for my insight. You hit the head on the nail with me today as an early morning guy and I do take everything personal you’re the best thank you for looking after me

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    Evelyn malanda
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    Hi Luna , this reading is insightful , you are right about awakening my power , on Tuesday am starting my degree in social work , because I want to serve humanity.

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    Very informative, need magic numbers for mega millions

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    The fire I feel is unreal.i have been down for days. then yesterday I changed.i become more me happy and ready to face the world that has been a lonely place for a while.. I follow everything u said…and it always happens let’s hope this is how I feel for a long time… thank u xxx

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