A Spark Of Excitement | Weekly Tarot Reading | 12/18 - 12/24 - Cosmic Updates

A Spark Of Excitement | Weekly Tarot Reading | 12/18 – 12/24

Have you been feeling more inspired than usual lately?

Jonathan Lionheart says that this week, something could spark your interest and lead you to greater success in the near future.

He’s here to support you in taking action on your dreams, so you can build your confidence and step into your power, here in his Weekly Tarot Reading. Enjoy!


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P.S. Is there something exciting you’re ready to take action on? Are any fears around risk or failure be holding you back? Leave a comment below and let Jonathan know!



Hi! This is Jonathan Lionheart with your Weekly Tarot Reading.

I wanted to talk briefly about some of the themes that I’ve been seeing coming up with my private clients. There have been a number of insights recently that people have been having that are allowing them to see deeper layers of the patterns in their life. And as a result, there’s more energy that’s available for them to navigate some of the situations that have been recurring.

So I wanted to speak to that, because I think that there are new layers of who we are that are becoming available. And this is really exciting.

So I think you’re gonna like this reading that’s coming up. The week ahead is looking really fantastic. Quite a bit of motivation is available. So I’m excited for you to check it out.

You can schedule a private reading with me down below. And I look forward to hearing from you.

Wherever you happen to be right now, give yourself a few moments to take a few breaths. Maybe close your eyes, and let your awareness rest in your heart center. Maybe bring some attention to a few things that make you smile and make you happy by yourself to be filled with some gratitude.

All right, let’s take a look at what we have for the week.

We call out to Mother, Father, God, the Light Ones, the Denizens of Light, the Deep Ones. We call out to the grandmothers and the grandfathers of the north, the south, the east, and the west. Please be with us now, bring forward a clear message and any energetic support that can help at this time.

Your first card will be the Situation. Your second card will be the Obstacle, and your third card will be the Outcome.

The first thing that comes to mind as I look at these cards is an awareness of a lot of energy and fire, and likely a movement towards positive financial situations.

Your first card, the Ace of Wands, represents inspiration, energy, and new passion. Get ready because a spark of motivation and excitement is definitely headed your way.

The suit of Wands represents fire spirit and the creative force behind your actions, so you could get a hearty boost of energy this week.

For some of you this could look like a new and exciting idea. While for others, you might begin a new project or start a new workout routine.

The Ace of Wands comes with a dose of courage, you’ll definitely be ready to meet the challenges ahead, maybe try something new, or go out on a limb for something you believe in. Because the Ace is like a spark of excitement. It’s also possible you could meet someone you have serious chemistry with.

Whatever the case may be, the Ace is telling you to go for it this week. Let yourself ride this exciting and motivating energy.

So your Obstacle card for this week is the Queen of Wands. And she represents confidence, passion and charisma. The Queen of Wands is courageous, individualistic, and can light up a room with her charm.

In the Obstacle position, the queen of wands is challenging you to step into your power. You are more capable than you might think. And it’s time to start trusting yourself.

For some of you, the Queen of Wands in the Obstacle position could be a sign you’re feeling shy or antisocial. For others, this could mean you’re just not fully sure of yourself. And for some of you, it might be a reminder to turn on your charismatic abilities and follow that spark of interest and curiosity.

One way or another, the spark of inspiration indicated by your first card is going to require some confidence and a big step into your power this week.

Your Outcome card for the week is the Nine of Pentacles, which represents success, independence, and self sufficiency. You are entering a phase of success as a result of the hard work you’ve put in. While you may not have reached the absolute pinnacle of what you can do, the Nine of Pentacles is a sign you’re headed in the right direction.

The achievements you might experience might look like a financial windfall for some. For others, you might get to take some time off or go on a vacation, while others might experience a new sense of ease and stability in their life.

The Nine is a sign of a solid financial future. So if you’re willing to take the spark of inspiration, the Ace is indicating you could be setting yourself up for a very positive and abundant future.

Alright, so let’s take a look at your Advice card for the week. All right, so the Four of Pentacles, which represents stability, wealth, and being frugal with your expenses…

So the Four of Pentacles is advising you to hold on to your money – protect. Do your investments and remain somewhat reserved at this time.

You might consider creating a budget and finding ways to pinch your pennies. Focus on efficiency and ways to save both time and energy. This is a time of saving for the future and preparing to invest in areas that will forge your long term goals.

So let’s recap for the week…There’s a lot of excitement here, and you can expect there to be quite a bit of energy starting you off on a new project, a new idea – something is coming to life. However, you’re going to need to believe in yourself and to bring that beautiful, charismatic, interesting self out into communication with others. Ultimately, if you have an idea, this is a really good sign because the Nine of Pentacles is saying this might lead to a kind of abundance and stability that you may not have experienced yet, all together. And this could be a very inspiring and exciting week. Don’t waste your time or money on things that don’t deserve your attention. Instead, get excited about what’s to come because it’s looking really good.

So your mantra for this week is: “When I follow the spark and believe in myself, I create the future I desire. When I follow the spark and believe in myself, I create the future I desire.”

It’s so nice to spend time with you. I wish you the best for this week. Definitely reach out, say hello, and until next time. Bye for now.

Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always been fascinated with things beyond this world. His thirst for knowledge led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.

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    Melinda Nelson
    Posted at 02:39h, 21 December Reply

    Thank you very much for a great reading.

  • Avatar
    Annehilda Wright
    Posted at 23:33h, 19 December Reply

    Thank you so much Jonathan. Your reading was exceptional and gave me tingles of excitement. I have had the feeling that something exciting is going to happen and that has given me renewed positivity. My. Mantra from this moment forward will be “When I follow the spark and believe in myself, I create the future I desire. Words of wisdom., truly.. Keep walking in the light. ❤️

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    Leonida Gamboa
    Posted at 23:01h, 19 December Reply

    Thanks for this reading. It is so inspiring. I have been dreaming of becoming a copywriter although I am not a writer. The longest project that I wrote was my thesis when I graduated from college. I felt that I am not good enough as English is not even my primary language. I enrolled anyway at the AWAI and I will start with my lesson this week. I am a little nervous and at the same time excited as to how I am going to fare. I will be having a one-on-one instruction and I am looking forward to my first day. I did this not just to learn to be a writer but I intend to make writing as my means of livelihood.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 19:30h, 19 December Reply

    Enjoyed the reading, very accurate! I was just saying that I wanted to work on my money goals. I have been inspired to finish working on decluttering. My eldest son moved out almost a year ago & I’ve slowly moved stuff in his room. Lol my indoor garden was the first to go in his room. Hope you have a very merry Christmas.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 17:00h, 19 December Reply

    I’ve an idea that just has to go off with a bang. It’ll turn heads in a way with the prudent and maybe others. .
    I want to create a spiritual practice that benefits myself and the collective. .
    It will happen I can feel it in my waters x
    I think your right in with this a ready my friend. . I’m an intuitive Empathic healing medium . Idon t cream in my a leap I vision . I’m most comfortable with spirit realm and Benevolent’s

  • Avatar
    Pam McFarland
    Posted at 15:00h, 19 December Reply

    Hello Jonathan,
    A Blessed reading for this week and I love the mantra, which I will continue to repeat all week. When you do believe in yourself, you do create and manifest the future you desire!
    Have a wonderful week yourself and Merry Christmas!

  • Avatar
    Janet Bisson
    Posted at 10:36h, 19 December Reply

    Good morning, Jonathan,
    I always look forward to your readings. They give me great hope, even when they are not so good, it then prepares me for the week ahead.
    Hope your holiday is full of love and safe great times,

  • Avatar
    Posted at 06:40h, 19 December Reply

    Hi Jonathan, thank you for the wonderful reading this week. I can use it as a guideline.
    Have a happy holiday!

  • Avatar
    Glenda Whitehead
    Posted at 06:24h, 19 December Reply

    Thank you for giving me hope and guidance. I have had so many losses over the past few years which have left me very empty. I am a carer and have so many people dependant on me. If I fail we all fail. I wish you a merry Christmas and all you deserve for the new year.

  • Avatar
    Eric Santiago Nevarez
    Posted at 04:22h, 19 December Reply

    Thank you for the motivation Jonathan, i definitely look forward to this week. Keep up the amazing work you do! I would like to wish good blessings to you and all, God Bless!

  • Avatar
    John Nugent
    Posted at 01:03h, 19 December Reply

    Thanks for the advice

  • Avatar
    Amanda Coombs
    Posted at 00:56h, 19 December Reply

    Thank you for the positive reading. They are words I have been hoping to hear and have been praying for a positive outcome in my life. You have given me hope. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Lisa B
    Posted at 00:06h, 19 December Reply

    Thank you, Jonathan. Glad to know things are looking positive this week. I have been feeling a general shift upward lately. Other sources have suggested the new moon energy in Capricorn has exciting energy too. I’m still learning about this, but feeling encouraged & confident about what is unfolding in my life. I did 3 love readings today as well, each one positive & hopeful. The last one tonight I drew Emperor, Moon, & Empress! Strong energy all around me right now. Grateful for your guidance.

    • Avatar
      Posted at 01:35h, 19 December Reply

      Thank you, Jonathan. This reading renews my perspective to live my desired life.

  • Avatar
    John Andrews
    Posted at 00:02h, 19 December Reply

    Wow wow right on point lot’s of love God bless. Your friend John Andrews

  • Avatar
    Mary Grace Guancia
    Posted at 23:57h, 18 December Reply

    Thank You so much for the guidance and help. Very accurate and helpful. May God Bless You

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:47h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you very much for your guidance advices I love it. Jonathan I’m not comfortable with my feelings about my distance relationship, please tell the truth is he scammer using the name of prominent man because my ex friend is coming back to me and I’m just ignoring and he is real I can talk live in video maybe I’m just crazy with my long distance relationship always sending just problems and he can’t travel or maybe have other women in Europe. Thanks and God bless you

  • Avatar
    Misty Lynn Miller
    Posted at 22:23h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you really needed this as all resentates with me this week

  • Avatar
    Trish Stroh
    Posted at 22:22h, 18 December Reply

    That was a good one for me Jonathon. I can really relate to this reading. Your readings seem to always mirror what’s happening in my world. Thank so much.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:16h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you Johnathan for your love and guidance and mantra for this week 💜

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:13h, 18 December Reply

    Thanks merry Christmas and a happy new year

  • Avatar
    Posted at 22:07h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you so much! I also needed to hear this. I want someone that will love and care about me and stay! I’m hoping to meet someone new in love and relationships. 💓

  • Avatar
    anna marie
    Posted at 19:42h, 18 December Reply



  • Avatar
    Lisa Barton
    Posted at 17:51h, 18 December Reply

    It’s my favorite time of the year. But I’m not enjoying it.And despite a lot to be grateful for, I’m hating myself and feeling very lost. I don’t know where I belong. I’ve worked so hard over the years , everything alone, and all I truly want is someone to love me and stay. All I can do is pray God has better days ahead. Not where I was hoping to be at 56!

  • Avatar
    Micheline Leblanc
    Posted at 14:26h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you for another amazing reading!

  • Avatar
    Susan Angela Bourner
    Posted at 14:24h, 18 December Reply

    Thankyou so much. I needed to hear that xx Bless you 🙏

  • Avatar
    Lea Centauri
    Posted at 14:01h, 18 December Reply

    Lionheart…Thank you so much……this is a breath of fresh air…..big love…

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth Sheleski
    Posted at 13:54h, 18 December Reply

    Thank u soo much and this helps a lot!! Merry Christmas!! ❤️

  • Avatar
    Theresa Flannery
    Posted at 13:46h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you Jonathan!!! Happy Holidays!! Good advice! I feel good things are coming! I will follow the spark! Gives me so much hope!!!! Love listening to your advice! Waiting for my Christmas wish to come true! It will mean everything to me❤️🎄🤗🧑‍🎄Theresa

  • Avatar
    Posted at 13:43h, 18 December Reply

    Jonathan, thank you ever so much for this insightful Tarot reading.Thank you for all the wisdom you share with us.
    Happy Christmas to you!! ❤️

  • Avatar
    Scott Christopher DeLisa
    Posted at 13:32h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful reading on 12/18/2022. Sunday .

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:51h, 18 December Reply

    Hi, I have been reading your tarot emails and I find they are mostly right on track. I am planning on making a move but have to get over the obstacles I know this will help with stagnation. It is interesting when you make a decision and your leaving one place I start appreciating and going to miss the beauty around me. I do astro-numerology readings but still need support of other seers for myself. Thank you for your insights.

  • Avatar
    Bronwyn Davies
    Posted at 12:32h, 18 December Reply

    Hi Jonathan

    Thank you for all.your weekly readings I really appreciate them keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you and your family xxx

  • Avatar
    Dawn G
    Posted at 12:17h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you so much Jonathan I always enjoy your readings. As I am starting a new career this week and it is in so much of alignment with what I’ve asked for from God. This company has all the values that I hold dear to my heart and it is also coming with an increase of financial gain for my future. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 12:07h, 18 December Reply

    Just what I wanted to read. Feeling confident for this new coming week.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:49h, 18 December Reply

    Your reading this week leaves me wondering?
    But at the end, I realized I just need to slow down and stay open to what is to come. Always good insight.

  • Avatar
    Debbie Stephens
    Posted at 11:47h, 18 December Reply

    This reading is just what I needed this week. I’ve been struggling with a decision I need to make and this reading provided the answer I needed.

  • Avatar
    Josaki Simon Peter
    Posted at 11:19h, 18 December Reply

    Wow! So amazing… I have never been happier with a reading like this one …. Thank you Soo much Jonathan… If you are standing in front of me, I’d be kissing you by now. 😚❤️

  • Avatar
    Alysia Page
    Posted at 11:14h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you I will do what you said

    • Avatar
      Mel Daniels
      Posted at 12:15h, 18 December Reply

      Oh wow thank you it was what I needed to hear.. I feel blessed I am going through alot of positive changes n I was thinking about making my next move on my current situation I can’t wait to see what comes this wk❤️

  • Avatar
    Florence Nkechi Izuchukwu
    Posted at 11:14h, 18 December Reply

    My vacation is in two weeks . thank you for the reading

  • Avatar
    Posted at 11:10h, 18 December Reply

    As usual SPOT ON > THE MANTRA FITS PERFECTLY with what is going on with me > TRUST/LOVE/GRATITUDE

  • Avatar
    Nazimah Aullybux
    Posted at 11:10h, 18 December Reply

    Hi Johnathan nice to hear your reading hope I meet the person you told me in the reading…I have confidence in you

  • Avatar
    Barbara Vissing
    Posted at 10:55h, 18 December Reply

    Hello. Always enjoy your readings. Hope all is well with you. I also just wanted to say Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Rita Sa
    Posted at 10:51h, 18 December Reply

    Hi dear Jonathan thank you so much for the video so nice to see you and hear from you. Last week the video what you sed was so true with my self i was feel so sad with my self after later in week same sing happen to me make me much more happy. I jut hope this peace i feel now will last for ever.Thank you again send you blessings.

  • Avatar
    Cheryl Padgett
    Posted at 10:50h, 18 December Reply

    Can you give me some kind of insight, as to how I can best help my son!! He’s homeless, starving and freezing

  • Avatar
    Peggy Simmons
    Posted at 10:41h, 18 December Reply

    I love listening to your readings .. they give me hope

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:36h, 18 December Reply

    Jonathan thank you for the reading and always on point. This week is a week I do need it to be exciting because I’m moving forward in a new direction that is bringing back the spark and happiness within my life.

    Don’t waste your time or money on things that don’t deserve your attention. Instead, get excited about what’s to come because it’s looking really good.

  • Avatar
    Athena Le
    Posted at 10:28h, 18 December Reply


  • Avatar
    Shenice Scipio
    Posted at 10:27h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:08h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you for this reading, I feel confident that I will hear from an employer that just can’t continue without me! They absolutely need me to continue to be successful… 🙂 Looking forward to that email. Each day is a day closer to YES!

  • Avatar
    Evy Magalit Temporado
    Posted at 10:06h, 18 December Reply

    Very positive reading ….hope that my relationship come into real..coz he still contract as what he said ..maybe must be true as what he said to me…

  • Avatar
    Shagufta Ansari
    Posted at 10:04h, 18 December Reply

    Not happy and satisfied with current job bit confuse to continue with this job should i look for other opportunity or just carry on with the same will this gonna give me benefit or not coz it’s not my interest job I’m intersted being creative as a make-up artist

  • Avatar
    Martha Radebe
    Posted at 10:01h, 18 December Reply

    Hello and thank you for your special advice to everyone which needed it my life is now starting to unfold so I’ll be ready to face what’s coming for me and I really feel brave to move forward with my new relationship with the man I fall in love with I’ll not be shy or scared from now anymore thanks I appreciate what you’re doing with your gift be blessed Mr Jonathan.

  • Avatar
    Suei Yeap
    Posted at 10:00h, 18 December Reply

    Thank you so much for the reading. I am really inspired. I am looking for the change this coming week. I will get back to you again.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:59h, 18 December Reply

    Wow .. Thank you Jonathan for your great and so positive reading. Looking foward for the wonderful outcome. It’s so exciting. See you on your next reading. God bless.

  • Avatar
    Leah J Welch
    Posted at 09:51h, 18 December Reply

    That was a really insightful reading thank you

  • Avatar
    Sherri Lynn Welch
    Posted at 09:47h, 18 December Reply

    So wish me luck. I get a job soon and maybe finally my divorce papers will come in. Until that is completed I going to be stuck

    • Avatar
      Bhagyashree k
      Posted at 21:10h, 18 December Reply

      Thank you very much Jonathan ❤️

  • Avatar
    Joyce A Lezama
    Posted at 09:46h, 18 December Reply

    Thank You So Much 💓

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:44h, 18 December Reply

    Very positive reading and accurate. I have been working on a business project and financial stability. Also hoping to meet someone one new in love and relationships.

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