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Burning Insecurity Alert | Sun and Venus Conjoin Chiron

Hey There…

It’s SO GOOD to be back!

This is Angel Adams with my very first article on Cosmic Updates after several months of stepping away.  

How are you?  

I’m sure you’ve felt the uptick of energy since the Equinox on March 20th, when we saw both the Sun and Venus transition into the sign of Aries. 

Spring is here! And it’s bringing with it the surge of sparks, friction and motivation we’ve all been waiting for.  

In fact, both the Sun and Venus have found themselves walking hand in hand as they reach the same degree in Aries, which happens late tonight, and you’ll be able to feel their influence over the next week or so.  

This is a GREAT time to express your love for someone, even if it means having to slay a few dragons in your way.   

Venus in Aries asks us to take on a more assertive role in our love life (this is not Venus’ most favorite role to play).

Meanwhile, the Sun shines brightly in its absolute most favorite sign, asking us to challenge ourselves to become a better version of ourselves (and kick ass along the way).  

(Hint: Check out Luna Dragonwell’s amazing Equinox horoscope for a detailed breakdown)

Normally, this duo gives us just enough friction to make our relationships hotter, and just enough pep in our step to make sure our big plans take off like a rocket.  


As we step into Aries season this year, there’s someone else in the mix that just might throw a big nasty monkey wrench into our emotional sprockets.  

Maybe you’ve heard of him? His name is Chiron, and he’s been hanging out in the first 9 degrees of Aries since late 2019.  

In Aries, he’s really good at taking your pain, and kicking it up a notch with a special brand of feelings-fire-sauce that can make your heart burn in more ways than one.  

What Is Chiron And Why Does It Hurt So Darn Bad?

So get this:

In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron is known as the “wounded healer.”

As the story goes…

Chiron the Centaur was the physician of the Gods. Everyone, even Zeus himself, went to Chiron to heal whatever ailment they had. And he could! Because he was awesome at healing.  

Until one day during a scuffle between Hercules and some unrelated attackers while he and Chiron were hanging out…

Chiron was accidentally shot with one of Hercules arrows… which happened to be poisoned with the blood of the infamous Hydra.  

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

Chiron was immortal. So was the Hydra.  

Under normal circumstances, anyone poisoned by the immortal Hydra would die. Pretty much instantly.  

But not Chiron. Being immortal, he could not die. And neither would the poison.  

An immortal who couldn’t die, dealing with fatal poison that could not be cured.  

So Chiron lived the rest of his existence… basically dying all of the time.   


It’s no wonder he was further known as the “unhealed healer” … creating the very paradox he now represents in Astrology.  

A Deep Cut Into Your Most Delicate Wounds

When Chiron gets involved in any sort of planetary drama, we feel it cut to our souls.  

Old wounds, especially unexpressed ones, rear their ugly head and demand to be dealt with.  

The only way to heal is to feel. And feel it all away.  

Unfortunately, this means confronting your deepest insecurities… less they sabotage your life from the inside out.  

On Sunday March 28th, and Monday March 29th, the Sun and Venus waltz hand in hand – smack dab into Chiron, where they will have a flawed yet fated rendezvous.  

These days carry the potential for not only friction and fire, but the awakening of old and unhealed insecurities that could create massive upheaval in your relationships.  

If you begin to feel tension between you and your spouse, your lover, your potential lover, and really damn near anyone in your life around those days…

… know that it’s time to tread lightly and wear kid gloves in ALL of your interactions.  

You may find yourself reminded of very old pains and traumas you may have thought were healed forever, or even forgot about.  

Your insecurities will be on full blast during this time. Be extra careful of your own sensitivities and how they impact those around you.  

If someone comes at you with vicious intent, you’ll want to hold back your punches, because it will be very easy to strike someone hard and below the belt if you are not careful.  

Try not to spit fiery venom in every direction if you get triggered and lose your cool. And if someone else spits venom at you, make sure you calm down before you respond so you don’t add gas to the flame.  

It’s possible things could get so heated, that damaging words are said that cannot be unsaid.  

Most of the time, this influence can be paralyzing. You might not want to do anything on these days. Certainly don’t PLAN anything important on these days that might put your romantic connections in jeopardy.  

If you’re not much of a risk taker, you’ll want to play it safe. If you ARE a risk taker… still, play it safe the best you can. Big risks, especially emotional ones that have major consequences, are unlikely to work out now.  

Remember this mantra:  

Fire + Friction + Poison = Disaster

However, oftentimes, the best medicine burns going down.  

Just because you feel insecure, doesn’t mean you should be inactive.

Because, as frustrated as you may feel, you do not want to sit around and do nothing all day!

If you can bear through the pain, you may find an unexpected source of healing.  

Now is a time to search deep inside and connect with these wounds so you can uncover what they are here to teach you.  

Your growing irritation may have to do with your individuality, and maintaining it within the confines of a romantic relationship.  

Growth can be painful.  Even a muscle has to tear before it can grow.  

This sense of “outgrowing your shell” simply means it’s time to move on and into a more appropriate fit… even if you don’t know where it will come from.  

Stay Calm And Heal On

On a positive note, there won’t be a better time this year to strike out on your own and into some sort of program of self improvement… whether it be a new physical regiment, therapy, or a heart felt interest you have been putting off for quite some time.  

Your wounds will be opened, your heart will be on your sleeve, and your insecurities on the forefront of your mind.  

Use this time to your benefit by getting ultra clear on what these emotional wounds are, where they come from, and how they exist at their root.  

Even if you don’t take immediate action on healing them (which you should)…

You’ll at least have a clear picture of what you need to do in order to finally put them behind you so you can move on with your life.  

Only then will you free yourself from the bonds of these ancient pains and be able to move on without their aching anchor keeping you stuck in place.  

Once you are set free, you’ll finally be able to trust yourself, your life, and your lover again without getting in your own way.  

Enjoy the process and stay true to the moment, even if it hurts.  

Sometimes… that’s the best medicine you can ever get.  

I’m rooting for you.

Yours in Divinity,

Angel Adams

P.S. Is there a frisky situation brewing up now that rings the bell of your deepest insecurities?  Are you unsure how to handle it before things get out of hand?  Let me know what’s going on in your world in the comments below. 

Angel Adams

Angel Adams made Classical Astrology a part of his life 15 years ago, and has lived by the stars ever since. After reading thousands of charts, personally and professionally, he’s turned to writing horoscopes to help you navigate through the best (and worst) of times. Follow Angel Adams for more horoscopes, and please leave him a comment below!

  • Avatar
    Alla Gilman
    Posted at 21:53h, 20 February Reply

    Fantastic! Thank you

  • Avatar
    Amber Wood
    Posted at 07:37h, 27 March Reply

    He asked me over like he has now for about a year… Yeah I heard his call and responded to him but took the time to grab a shower. I let him know I was on my way and drove thru the weather which wasn’t the greatest. When I arrived the door was locked..? That was when I validated the intuition I had let go of was in my face. What was I thinking and why did I think I didn’t know. I did. I want to know why I feel bad about this?

  • Avatar
    Posted at 09:51h, 26 March Reply

    Hi ,
    Here ,all is OK..
    I have special , beautiful days because Spring is my home …

    Yes , you are right .Thank you for concern and astrological lesson .

    Light and harmony for you all .


  • Avatar
    Lanie Cubay
    Posted at 07:43h, 26 March Reply

    It’s happening my past life…
    Thank you for sharing ♥

  • Avatar
    Posted at 06:27h, 26 March Reply

    My world kind of feels like there’s hope in the air but I can’t see it.. it gets frustrating seeing so many sad people who have accepted hopelessness as a way of life and those who are happy hide their light. Thank you for your hopeful and insightful message, I truly desire that you get what makes you happier too.

  • Avatar
    Posted at 04:45h, 26 March Reply

    What is in my fate in coming five years.

  • Avatar
    Kera Fenton
    Posted at 03:42h, 26 March Reply

    I’m going through exactly what you say in the reading, I feel so lost, I’m making old heartbreaks get the best of me, I stress frustrated, and angry every minute, this reading gives me so much clarity I’m understanding everything I’m going through all I want is peace and to feel love

  • Avatar
    Lubica Brcikova
    Posted at 21:04h, 25 March Reply

    Thank you for this post. I have Chiron in my astrology chart and finally I understand what Chiron is. I got it now. All that emotional turmoil all of those years and the difficulties to let go of my past. So many times I thought that I am healed and I let go, just to be surprised by sudden burst of overwhelming emotions . Last outburst I have experienced on 19th March 2021, lol. Shocking. From that day, I can clearly see changes in me, as I made decision that enough is enough. So tired of it. Very grateful for your post really. No more devastated and heartbroken or negative sorts of emotions and believes. Claiming my powers back in every area of my life. Not wanting anybody from past, I made poor choices lol. Definitely would love to meet and share great and exciting new experiences with The One. Didn’t show up yet.

  • Avatar
    Alimoalim Ahmed
    Posted at 19:23h, 25 March Reply

    It’s very good thank you very much

  • Avatar
    Thandi Felicia Mombedzi
    Posted at 17:34h, 25 March Reply

    Hi; Thandi from South Africa/ Gauteng Pretoria: This is happening in my life with my partner start from no where asking questions that arises argument between us and i didn’t understand why but now i know the cause thanks to your advice about Chiron and tips of how to harmonises thd situation and to come my mind; heart down. Also experienced these auspices with my daughter of 32yrs as well the way she talks to me or respond to any conversation in a rude; arrogant manner. Your blog opened my eyes of how to deal with Fire burning. Thanks

  • Avatar
    Jerimie Dawn Williams
    Posted at 16:59h, 25 March Reply

    On and off for 7 years with the only man I have ever fallen in love with. We just seem to not be able to love each other at the same time. 2 months ago he told me he was building a house and he wants me there as his wife. Then 3 weeks later I told him I would marry him that day and all the sudden he isnt ready for anything serious. Come to find out there’s another woman but he denies they had sex but slept in the same bed.. I can feel it inside me when he’s lieing and he seems to lie a lot. I just can’t let him do this to my self worth or confidence anymore. He’s destroying me inside but yet the feeling that we are ment to be like twin flames or even soul mates is more powerful than I havr ever felt before. I need some guidance desperately.

  • Avatar
    Lisa Walls
    Posted at 10:54h, 25 March Reply

    I’ve been married for almost 8 years now and my husband and I have had a very hard time for 2 years of it now. We have a son together and it’s put us all thru hell there’s so much more to this but I don’t have the room. Long story short he’s cheating on me try to play us both and tonight what he did crossed a line im trying to keep my head up but this is not ok my son what about him he just gets screwed and starts out life like this I don’t understand why im so upset I Jeff help please somebody

  • Avatar
    Posted at 10:25h, 25 March Reply

    I’ve been very close and intimate with a man for the past year and a half. But this week I found out he’s back with his ex. My heart is hurting…

  • Avatar
    Anouchka Louise van Geel
    Posted at 08:43h, 25 March Reply

    I have a kidney desease, ans will ne operated on thé 26th òf march to dialyse thé reste of m’y life! I am very anxieux about this

  • Avatar
    Emma Shaw
    Posted at 07:28h, 25 March Reply

    Birth sign Aries
    Venus in Aries
    Chiron in Aries
    Partner is Aries
    No wonder I’ve been feeling confused and out of sorts lately.
    Must bite my tongue
    Thank you for the heads up
    Love light and blessings

  • Avatar
    Evelyn Malanda
    Posted at 07:20h, 25 March Reply

    Thank you Angel , my heart is hurting badly I don’t why since Tuesday ,I can feel it and thank you for your advice .

  • Avatar
    Posted at 07:00h, 25 March Reply

    Thank you .

  • Avatar
    Darran Hitch
    Posted at 06:58h, 25 March Reply

    Wow” you couldn’t’ve put it much plainer than that. I have been feeling very insecure of late and now I know why” thank you for this email it has put everything in to perspective the do’s n don’ts are of great warning” I could very easerly say what I truely feel inside, but I’d rather get on with my life and move on to parstures new” as I have so much to look forward to. Again thank you

  • Avatar
    Rheazali Soobratee obrattee
    Posted at 04:50h, 25 March Reply

    The accuracy of this message is unbelievable. All the emotions, feelings and insecurities I feel right now are all there in it. But it have given me some motivation to take the leap of faith to get over these feelings and insecurities.
    Thanks for this message!!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 04:46h, 25 March Reply

    I like an online mentor guy with whom I think there is a connection. I am So shy with showing my feelings as afraid to overstep the professional line. He is awesome & kind. I have been fearful of things outside my comfort zone ALL my life. At same time I’m desperate to bring change into my life as it’s passing me by. I’ve never married but want a loving relationship with a beautiful guy. HELP please!

  • Avatar
    Rachel Wetsel
    Posted at 03:57h, 25 March Reply

    Deepest insecurity… having HSV2 and trying to date! I have a potential love interest, I really like him and I know he feels the same. I want to say something before we get anymore involved. The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone’s feelings. Your post definitely resonates with me and this situation… I’m a little scared to be quite honest. I need guidance.

  • Avatar
    Troy thompson
    Posted at 03:51h, 25 March Reply

    Yes I am dealing with a dark karmic that keeps trying to hinder me from my success THAT IS COMING.. Ive been self healing clearing chakras opening my third eye and listening to my intuition. I do need somebody to teach me it would help. But yes old wounds have scorned me and I only get more mad.. I want to be me I want to be happy again. I just cant remember how to be..

  • Avatar
    Viviane Paolini
    Posted at 03:40h, 25 March Reply

    I have 2 insecurities, one is my money that my husband took from me, leaving me with very little, and refuse to give it back. We are separated.
    The second one is a heartbrake like the one I had and took me years to recover.
    You see it was a lesson for both of them, that I don’t want to repeat, so I will say no.
    I only ask to be happy and have someone that will love me and make me happy. I hope to resolve these problems soon before getting sick of stress.

    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Marilyn Seaman
    Posted at 03:10h, 25 March Reply

    I have been seeing a man for 2 years and 5 months ago he told me he was also seeing someone else but wanted the two of us
    I was devastated and heart broken and last week he asked to move in with me because he has to get out of his apartment and I said no
    Did I do the right thing?
    Love n prayers

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