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The Heartbreak Cure | By Jonathan Lionheart

How To Heal Your Heart And Find New Love

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Step 5: Let It All Go

Are you ready to let go of the past and move into a healthier happier existence? 


While you continue to become acclimated to the breath practice, which can take a little while, It’s now time to begin the ritual of letting go. 


Your body and energy are being primed for a deeper level of letting go. In the following section, you will prepare yourself for a symbolic releasing of the old. 


Remember to save this ritual of letting go until after you have spent one week with the first video, and two weeks with both. 


Ritual Of Letting Go 


You have had a lineage of men and women who have played an important role in our life. You are the product of a man and a woman, even if you were adopted, or brought forward in some other way, at some level the essence of a man and a woman were what brought you into being. 


Outside of the massive role your parents played, you also likely had grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, parents of friends, who during your developing years influenced how you understand men, women, love and relationship. 


Understanding that you inherited and learned about relationships from all of the people around you is important. 


Tracking these relationships, and understanding where you picked up certain qualities, can give you insight, and a healthy distance to see yourself in a new light. 


Then, you can make a conscious choice to let go of certain energies that still cling to you. This kind of ritual will powerfully charge the practices you have learned in both videos.  


Tree of Men And Women In Your life 


The legendary psychologist Carl Jung believed that the unconscious spoke to us through images. Using imagery is a helpful way to tap into the areas of your psyche that are holding onto old injuries and pain.


You’ll begin by creating an image that you will work with throughout the letting go ritual:


Using your own creativity, draw or paint a tree that has deep roots and great branches, equal on both the right and left side. Let the interior of the tree remain the color of the background so you can write in it. 


You can make this tree as lavish or as plain as you like. However the more you are willing to put some time and effort into creating it, the more it will have an effect on your unconscious. 


Now, starting with your earliest memory, make a list of all of the men who influenced you in your life, and a list of all of the women who influenced you in your life. From your earliest memory until now. 


Next to each person on your list, write out the qualities, both negative and positive that you saw or experienced in these people. 


The list doesn’t need to be extensive. Rather, choose the people who have the strongest memories and feelings tied to them. 


You won’t be putting these names on the tree just yet. 


In the evening, lay down in bed before sleep, and go back to an early memory from your life. Then, let your mind follow memory by memory, wherever it wants to go. Make your way from those early memories, to as far up to present as you can. This can take 10 mins, or multiple hours. Go for as long as you can. 


Then, ask for a dream, and guidance. And go to bed. 


The next day, after you have done this, go over your list of men and women from your life. Write down thoughts or feelings that come with the people on your list. 


Now you can begin putting the names of these people on your tree. Let yourself be creative.


The men can be on one side, the women on the other, or individuals can be swapped. Or if someone doesn’t fit the label of man or woman, feel into it and place them where you like. 


Finally, take some time to write about the most recent love relationships in your life. What patterns do you see from the men and women on your tree? What were the beautiful qualities of these relationships? What were the challenging qualities? 


Ritual Letting Go 


Now that you’ve mapped out your masculine and feminine lineage. It’s time to consider what parts of those relationships you want to bring with you, and which parts you are ready to let go of and move on from. 


Look at the beautiful qualities of both the men and women on your tree. Also look at the beautiful qualities from your recent relationships. 


Gather the ones that hold the most positive charge for you, the ones that make you say “yes!” 


Then using your own words, or using the following sentence structure, write out an affirmation including the positive qualities.


I _______________ consciously choose to walk forward in my life with _____(strength, wisdom, and ____ creativity)____. I am a _________(brave, kind, committed)____ person, and I choose to honor myself in every way possible. I will always be there for myself, no matter what. 


You may also write a similar affirmation for the kind of relationship you want in the future:


I choose to call forward relationships that make me feel _______(safe, energized, seen)____, and that each and every day I am reminded just how deserving I am of love and joy. 


Next, take some time to write out a similar affirmation of the negative qualities from your lineage tree in a releasing sentence. You can write this on a smaller sheet of paper. 


I hereby release the destructive patterns of ____(self sabotage, anger, abuse, lying, addiction)______, these no longer serve me, and I have learned from them what I have needed to learn. From this point forward, I am choosing a different path. 


Choose a date where you can go through the following ritual alone or with trusted friends. Using a small bowl in a fire safe environment, you will read the negative sentence you have written out loud before burning it. 


  • Charge yourself up before doing this by going through the practices from each of the videos.
  • You might allow yourself time to meditate, dance to sacred music, or burn some incense.
  • Light a candle, and give thanks.
  • When you are ready, read the sentence of what you are releasing, and burn the piece of paper.
  • Afterwards read through your positive affirmations. Really feel them as you read them. 
  • You may choose to burn a copy of each of these as well, but as a prayer rather than a releasing.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of the positive affirmation so you can return to them. 


Give yourself time to integrate this letting go. It could be hours, days, or weeks, but you have started a process that can change your life forever. 


What Comes Next


You are well on your way toward benefiting from the transformational power of these practices. 


Following the Ritual Of Letting Go, if you continue to practice what you’ve learned in the videos everyday, your results will be ongoing. 


You will find yourself feeling younger, more energized, and excited about life. Your heart will continue to bloom open, drawing really wonderful friends and lovers to you. 


Your body will become filled with health and vitality, and emotions that used to stick around and bother you, will pass through you like clouds in the endless blue sky. 


Your confidence in being yourself will grow, opening doors to new and exciting opportunities, and your spiritual abilities and destiny will become more and more clear. 


Remember to be gentle with yourself, you are learning a new way of being. You might feel tender, energized, or feel like a brand new person. However these experiences show up for you, honor them and give yourself room to process and grow. 


Sometimes people like to get one-on-one attention to make sure they are doing the practices correctly, or if they’d like instructions specifically refined for their particular challenges. Doing one-on-one work can make the process easier and speed it up.  


You are more than welcome to reach out to me for a private one-on-one Embodied Alchemy Session. I love working with people who have gone through one of my courses, because we can go deep right off the bat. And what can be accomplished is truly amazing. 


You can sign up for one-on-one sessions with me here. 


Some people also prefer to learn in group environments, so they can learn from other students as well as directly from me. 


If you’d like the added refinement and support that comes with a weekly class, you are certainly invited to join my weekly Embodied Alchemy class. In the weekly class we do many of the practices you’ve learned in this course, as well as other powerful transformational work together. 


The group energy is always sizzling.


You can sign up for the Embodied Alchemy Group Class here. 


I am so glad you decided to do this program. It was created with love and care for you, and if you continue to practice, you will experience fantastic results. 


May your heart continue to shine brightly, your love life feel fulfilling, and your health be filled with vitality each step of the way.  


With Love, 


And in service, 


Jonathan Lionheart